Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Kyoto

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Kyoto City, and since the temperature did not rise much after the blooming was declared, I was able to enjoy them for an unexpectedly long time.


Demizu's weeping cherry tree in Kyoto Gyoen.


Weeping cherry tree at the site of Konoe's residence in Kyoto Gyoen.


Someiyoshino at Kiyamachi



Cherry Blossoms at Gion Shirakawa.
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Signs of spring in Kyoto.


Cherry blossoms were declared to have begun blooming on March 24. It seems that spring has begun in Kyoto.

So I took a stroll in Kyoto-gyoen national park to see how things are going. However, here was mainly composed of yamazakura (mountain cherry), satozakura (town cherry), and shidarezakura (weeping cherry), and no someiyoshino (Most popular cherry) is planted there, so I had nothing to do with the declaration of cherry blossom blooming.


The large weeping cherry tree on the Demizu creek is only about half in bloom. It will be in full bloom by the middle of next week. The satozakura and yamazakura cherry trees are still in bud, so it will be a while before they are in full bloom.


Peach blossoms are just at their best in the peach grove. Plum blossoms were late in blooming, so the late-blooming plums are at their best in the plum grove. Now we can enjoy full blooming of three spring flowers at the same time.
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Walking in Kyoto Gyoen park in warm spring-like weather


For the first time this year, the temperature in Kyoto City exceeded 20 degrees Celsius, making the weather warmer.

I took a short walk in Kyoto Gyoen National Park. I used to come here often last year, but the very cold weather and COVID-19 have kept me away in this winter.

Plum blossoms were in full bloom around Demizu creek. In the plum grove, many of the plum trees were only half in bloom. If the warm weather continues, we will see much blooming this weekend.


The wax plum trees were also in full bloom.


Peaches grove were beginning to bloom with buds swelling considerably. The early-blooming weeping cherry trees are still hard in bud, so it will be a while before they bloom.
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3.11 - 11th years of Great East Japan earthquake


Eleven years have passed since that terrible day.

Will time heal the painful and sad memories?
No, there must be something that we should not forget even if it is painful. The efforts to recover from the disaster caused by the massive tsunami and the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima are still going on.

Now, many people in Ukraine are suffering and struggling. Their grief is our pain. We must not try to destroy the world peace order that was built on the reflection of the tragic events of World War II. May peace come to Ukraine!
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Prayers for Ukraine from Nijojo Castle, Kyoto.


Nijojo Castle in Kyoto, a World Heritage Site, was lit up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag!

Kyoto city and Kiev in Ukraine are sister cities, and this is an expression of solidarity with Ukraine and a wish for peace.

The current tragic war situation involving ordinary citizens is heartbreaking.

Furthermore, war attacks on nuclear power plants are criminal acts that endanger the existence of the entire human race, and cannot be tolerated for any reason. Calls for an immediate halt to the war of aggression against Ukraine.
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Kind of Blue - World of fountain ink.


I never intended to get into anything other than audio, but...

In this age of COVID-19 disasters, I thought it might be good to immerse myself in another world for a little while. And now, I'm reexamining the world around me.


Now I'm becoming obsessed with fountain pen inks.

This is a "Pelikan Royal Blue" that I owned a few years ago.
It is a standard dye ink made in Germany, a very nice blue, and I was inspired by this color. (The top line in the photo above is this ink, a vivid blue with a purple tinge, but the exposure doesn't do justice to the color in this photo.)

Fountain pen inks have evolved to such an amazing degree that I am stunned by the state of modern inks.


Sailor's pigment inks, pure black "Kiwaguro", blue black "Seiboku" and "Souboku", have been my personal standard for the past seven years.

I was convinced that the current pigmented inks were good enough because they solved the critical problems of water resistance and ageing of fountain pen inks. The reason why I can use fountain pens normally for business purposes is because of the commercialization of pigment inks with ultra-fine particle nano technology.

So I never thought of going back to the origin of ink, dye ink.

But now, what kind of dye ink should I choose?

I tried to choose a few variations of blue ink based on the ink images posted on the Internet.


There, I found Sailor's ink series "SHIKIORI" . It had as many as 20 color variations, and the exquisite naming was very enjoyable.


In the end, I chose the blue inks "Souten" and "Yamadori", which have slightly different color tastes.

Here is a comparison of the two inks. Written with Sailor "Fude DE Mannen" (nib angle: 40 degrees).


Pelikan Royal Blue is a graceful purple-ish blue, Souten is the color of a clear early summer sky, and Yamadori is a deep green forest rather than blue.

Once again, I fell in love with the beauty of Pelikan Royal Blue. And in the future, I think I will use "Soten" more often as a new blue ink.

I was convinced that the ink madness is gradually increasing. Once again, I realized the richness of human sensitivity.

I'm going to try to immerse myself in the world of blue pigment inks for a while.

P.S. Hopefully, those in power should make every effort to bring about a peaceful world we can all feel a little happier. Never destroy it easily. No war!
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New updated - "Audio Tone Generator Lite" ver 5.0 - Free of charge!


"Audio Tone Generator Lite" has been updated to ver 5.0 today.

"Audio Tone Generator Lite" is a high quality audio signal generator app for iPhone.

It will help you to make the sound benchmark for testing your audio equipment and loudspeakers, your listening environment and room acoustics or your hearing check.

With the latest version, the UI design has been revamped to a brighter and more visible image, and stability has been improved.


This app can create the audio reference signals as Sinewave, Sinewave Sweep, White Noise and Pink Noise.

The signals created by this app can be best used in conjunction with external devices, such as an audio spectrum analyzer or a sound level meter.

atglite_sine_play_v500.jpg atglite_sweep_play_2_v500.jpg

atglite_white_play_v500.jpg atglite_pink_play_v500.jpg

Please to click the following link to view more information about "Audio Tone Generator Lite" app on App StoreTM.

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New updated - "Vibroscope Lite" ver 5.0 - Free of charge!


"Vibroscope Lite" has been updated to ver 5.0 today!

"Vibroscope Lite" is a vibration measuring app by using iPhone's acceleration sensor.

"Vibroscope Lite" is a free app that is simplified the measurement function of "Vibroscope".

This app can be intuitively detected an acceleration amount, that displays the two-axial coordinates in the horizontal direction and the time-axis waveform in the vertical direction.

It can measure by determining the horizontal or vertical direction to suit the attitude of the iPhone automatically, so as to be available on the floor and desk or handheld.


The peak value of vibration acceleration can also be displayed in the "GAL" unit used in seismographs.


Please to click the following link to view more information of this app on App StoreTM.

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New updated - "Vibroscope" ver 5.0 - Vibration Level Measurement and Analysis Tools


"Vibroscope" has been updated to ver 5.0 today!

"Vibroscope" is a powerful vibration measurement tool to analyze various vibrations in real time using iPhone's acceleration sensor.

It allows you to monitor by visualizing the very low-frequency vibration such as inaudible by ear.

This app can detect the amount of acceleration of vibration and display the two-axis coordinates in the horizontal direction and the time-axis waveform in the vertical direction.

It is also equipped with the ability to analyze the frequency components of the very low frequency vibration by FFT analyzer.

In the latest version, the UI design has been renewed and the FFT graph display method has also been changed.

#Main mode : vibration level measurement
vs_main_xz_v500.jpg vs_main_zx_v500.jpg

vs_main_yz_v500.jpg vs_main_log_v500.jpg

#FFT mode : vibration frequency analysis gragh by FFT analyzer
vs_fft_axes_v500.jpg vs_fft_axis1_v500.jpg 


If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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Replaced the insulator of YAMAHA analog record player GT-2000L.


Yamaha Analog Record Player GT-2000L.

This is a great piece of audio equipment in the golden age of audio that I continue to use with great care.

The weight of GT-2000L is quite heavy, about 28kg, and the genuine insulator was screaming under the weight of years of use.

The genuine insulators were made of rubber and spring composite structure, and they were strong enough to withstand more than 12kg of weight per insulator, even if they were replaced with 18kg gunmetal turntable "YGT-1".

Now, it's in such a mess!


Two of the four insulators were damaged, especially one where the rubber adhesive had completely peeled off and the enclosed spring had popped out.


YAMAHA didn't have any spare parts in stock, which is not surprising since the product was almost 40 years old.

I've been looking for it on the Internet auctions, but I couldn't find any genuine insulators, so I had no choice but to use other insulators.

Last year, I found interesting parts among all the junk, such as audio cables and radios, in an item called "Audio Junk Set" on online auction.

I decided to bid on it at a very low price, and when I checked what I received...


This was a set of four genuine insulators for GT-2000. This was truly a grab bag!

They were in very good condition with very little apparent deterioration, and had probably been installed in GT-2000 for a short period of time.


After disinfecting and cleaning with alcohol, it caused a blooming phenomenon of the rubber. So I applied a little bit of KURE rubber protectant, and it returned to its original black tint.


As a test, I tried to find out how much difference there was in the degree of shock absorption between the old insulator and the new insulator.
I put my iPhone SE2 on the turntable and used the vibration analysis app "Vibroscope" to measure the difference.

- Measurement result of vibration absorption at OLD insulator

- Measurement result of vibration absorption at NEW insulator

This measurement was made when the GT-2000L was placed on the YAMAHA GT-rack "GTR-1W" and the rack shelf was hit hard by hand intermittently. The results show that the new insulator dampens external vibrations better than the old one. I tried to apply the same force as much as possible, but it is difficult to apply exactly the same kind of vibration, so this was just for reference.

Now I can enjoy original sound of the GT-2000L for the first time in over a decade. I'm sure it will be fine for another 10 years or so.
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