iPhone 10th Anniversary Campaign

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, TOON has a special campaign for iOS app.
Please access to our App Store.
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New updated "Synthetic Healing Sounds" ver 1,1


"Synthetic Healing Sounds" has been updated to version 1.1 now.

"Synthetic Healing Sounds" is a new healing & relaxing sound generation app with the binaural beat, and we offer it free of charge.

shs_noise_v110.jpg shs_birds_v110.jpg
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New updated "fo-Kannon" ver 2.0, Real-time Spectrum Audio Analyzer (RTA) app.


"fo-Kannon" has been updated to version 2.0.


"fo-Kannon" is a real-time spectrum audio analyzer (RTA) app for the iPad.
This app can be displayed the logarithmic amplitude response in the frequency range of 20kHz from 20Hz, the 1/3 Octave band or the logarithmic FFT scale.
In the latest version 2.0, Screen design and UI have been changed. As a new feature, Timer function was added.
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"Synthetic Healing Sounds" - New release !


"Synthetic Healing Sounds" iPhone app was new released today !
It is a healing and relaxing sound generation app with the binaural beat.

Please to click the following link to download "Synthetic Healing Sounds" from App Store for charge of free.

Heal yourself with sounds!
It may have the right way on your work/living/bed room by our app.
Find the simple healing sound like Meditation Music and Solfeggio Scale to deepen your healing sense even further.

This app synthesizes and generates various sounds as the followings. Each time you press a sound button , the sound and frequency is changed:

# Base Sounds
- Noise: White, Pink, Brown, Blue, Purple noise
- Sea waves
- Bird's voice
- Wind sound
- Sound of a meteor shower
- Whisper insect
- Heart Beat

# Binaural Beat
- 528Hz (Solfeggio Scale - DNA restore, fundamental frequency) & 7.83Hz (Schumann resonance, beat frequency)

Playback can be stopped at the desired time with the stop button and the timer.

It is possible to mix on/out the special binaural beat to a base sound at the same time. Recommended to set the volume as low as possible. Please be careful with the output volume and enjoy it.
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Posted "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" to our HP.

I posted FAQ articles on the iOS app on this blog. Now I posted those articles on our website as "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" into iOS support page. Please refer to them, thank you.

# To Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages

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New update - Audio Tone Generator Lite ver 3.1


"Audio Tone Generator Lite"was released as a new update version now!

"Audio Tone Generator Lite" is a free app that has simplified the sound generator function of "Audio Tone Generator", which creates the Audio Reference signals as Sinewave, Sinewave Sweep, White Noise and Pink Noise.

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New update - Sound Level Analyzer Lite ver 2.3


"Sound Level Analyzer Lite" was released as a new update version now!

"Sound Level Analyzer Lite" is a free Sound Level Meter app for iPhone.

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New update - Sound Level Analyzer ver 2.3


"Sound Level Analyzer ver 2.3" was released as a new update version now!

"Sound Level Analyzer" is a sound level meter and real-time sound analysis tools for the iPhone.

It can be displayed a signal analysis at the same time as the sound level measurement, and is available in a variety of applications such as the neighboring environmental noise measuremet and sound check of Live events.

It also has three additional sound analysis functions, which are Time-domain Graph, 1/3 Octave band Realtime Analyzer and FFT Analyzer, with applying acoustic weighting filters.
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New update - "Low Frequency Detector" ver1.1


"Low Frequency Detector" has been updated today.

"Low Frequency Detector" is a new acoustic measurement tool for detecting low frequency sound/noise that is hard to hear in the normal situation.
The human ear is insensitive enough to become a low frequency. If you may be exposed to the noise of neighboring constructions and factories without noticing, you may have a feeling bad and a sense of oppression. When you feel discomfort due to some noise, you can see what bass sounds are appearing with simple operation.

lfd-oct-v110.jpg lfd-fft-v110.jpg

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New update - "Octave Band Noise Generator" ver1.1


"Octave Band Noise Generator" has been updated today.

"Octave Band Noise Generator" is a signal generation application that generates octave band noise programmably. In this version up, a new generation of Brown noise function has been added.

Brown noise is noise signal that has been filtered in order to generate a lot of energy at low frequencies. The power of brown noise per Hz of bandwidth decreases by 6 decibels per octave.
For audio applications, this is also used for subwoofer phase checking and aging of mid-low range speaker units. For healthcare applications, this is also used for relaxation treatment of sleeping disorders, sound masking for environmental noise and tinnitus.

Octave band noise can be used for various applications such as reference sound source for environmental sound measurement, sound tuning, sound effects for easing tinnitus and sound masking.

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