Kyoto Gion Festival 2019 - 3


I went to the trial driving of the Houka-Hoko float in Kyoto Gion Festival today.

The Houka-Hoko float is located at Shimachi Shinjo. The float weighs about 10 tons and requires a lot of pullers.


There were fewer people than usual because of the rain, so I could grab the rope well.


It went north to Sinmachi-Rokkaku, changed the direction of the rope, south to Shinmachi-Sijo, and changed direction again and returned to home.


When it was over safely, participants was applauded naturally!

On the way, it was raining heavily, but I had a very enjoyable time.
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Kyoto Gion Festival 2019 - 2

The production of the large "Hoko" float of the Gion Festival was completed, and there was the first driving of the "Hoko" float facing Shijo-dori in the afternoon.


In the evening, we went to see the "Yamahoko" float. There are still few visitors and I could tour leisurely.

In "Kukisui Hoko", it was playing the Gion music. It exudes an atmosphere of the Gion Festival.


In "Tuki Hoko", the staff broke up and was quiet.



In “Niwatori Hoko”, the lanterns are bright but there are no people at all.


"Iwatoyama" seems to be still in production. Tomorrow, it will mount the wheels and decorate the whole.


Other small "Yama" floats are still in production and will be completed by the day after tomorrow.
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Kyoto Gion Festival 2019 - 1


From yesterday, Hoko float of Kyoto Gion festival started to be built.


There were three Hoko floats on Shijo Dori street, and the base part of Naginata Hoko float had been made.


There was also Mikoshi-arai ceremony of Gion Festival yesterday.
It was carried Mikoshi from Yasaka shrine to Shijo Ohashi bridge, and performed the purification ceremony by the water of Kamogawa river.

Nakagoza Mikoshi was waiting at Yasaka shrine before the ceremony.


Prior to Mikoshi procession, I could see carrying the big torch. There were too many tourists, so I could not take a picture of the purification ceremony at Shijo Ohashi bridge.

# Kyoto Gion Festival reference Information
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Sansho - Japanese pepper


The season for "Sansho" has arrived!

"Sansho" is a deciduous shrub from the genus Citrusaceae, which is native to Japan. Recently it has attracted attention around the world as a traditional Japanese spice. For example, it is used in Nouvel cuisine and sweets in France.

I purchased "Sansho" in Wakayama prefecture. It seems that the harvest period of the fruits of "Sansho" is about 10 days, and if it can not be obtained at this timing, it will become another production area.

I removed very small green fruits from the tufts and cleans them. It takes a lot of time for detailed work. It took about 3 hours and I got about 250g seeds.


I made "Sansho" flavored oil. It had just bottled green fruits with extra virgin olive oil. After washing in water, I think that it is safe to dry in hot water for about 30 seconds and then dry.

It was "1: 3" and "1: 4" weight ratio of "Sansho" and olive oil.

Usually, it is dipped in olive oil and it takes about a week to make a refreshing citrus flavored oil. Depending on the type of yam and olive oil, the extraction of aroma and pungent tastes is quite different.

In addition, I also made the salted ”Sansho" and the flavored vodka.


The ingredient "sanshool" contained in "Sansho" has been shown to activate the receptor (TRPV1) of capsaicin, a hot ingredient of chili pepper.

“Sansho” oil has a wonderful citrus flavor and spicy taste. Just sprinkle on the dish, it will provide a splendid fresh taste like you never experienced.
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New release - "Timbre16 Player" - Free download reservation has been started!


New release on May 24. Free download reservation has been started!

"Timbre16 Player" is new music enhancer app that reproduces the favorite music with your sound image.

Enjoy more good sounds by tuning Tone palette with Sound equalizer, like as choosing your favorite one from the color palette. Tone palette has 16 types of sound enhancement settings, and Sound equalizer has 4 frequency settings.

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If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.


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Kamo Kurabeuma - traditional horse racing


On May 5 during a long holiday, I went to see the traditional horse racing event, "Kamo Kurabeuma" at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto.



This event has been held every year since 1093 and is said to be the birthplace of horse racing in Japan.

A straight course is set up in the shrine grounds, and two horses compete for speed on the 150 meter section.


It was a bit far away and there were so many people that it was difficult for me to shoot horse racing scenery.


The reason that the priest is climbing high is to judge the race match.

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Toba no Fuji - Wisteria flower


I went to see wisteria flower called "Toba no Fuji" last weekend.


Once a year, "Kyoto Toba Water Environment Conservation Center" is open to the public at this time. There is a wisteria shelf covering a total length of 120m.


It was full of many spectators to see wisteria flowers.


Wisteria was a little before full bloom, but I was very healed by the beautiful purple flowers.
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Late flowering cherry blossoms of Kyoto Gyoen


Last weekend I had a picnic at Kyoto Gyoen.

Cherry blossom was in full bloom at the beginning of April, but "Demizu no Shidarezakura" also became leaves and was swaying in the wind. No one has come to see now.


On the other hand, ”Yaezakura” cherry blossoms near "Demizu no ogawa" was just in full bloom.
It had a large pink flower and was very beautiful. For a while, we will be able to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

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Cherry blossom in Kyoto


A cherry blossom declaration has been issued in Kyoto City, but then cold days continue. The flowering of cherry blossoms is rather slow than usual.


At Gion Shirakawa, there are a lighting up event of cherry blossoms.
We will be enjoying cherry blossoms for this week.



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Cherry blossoms flowering info in Kyoto Gyoen Park


Yesterday I went to see the cherry blossoms of Kyoto Gyoen park.

"Sidarezakura of Demizu" has have bloomed for 30%. In the park, weeping cherry blossoms and early-flowering cherry blossoms have begun to bloom, but "Somei Yoshino" has not bloomed yet.

It seems that cherry blossoms is a little behind blooming the whole at Konoetei-ato. Water of pond was drained for the repair works.



Such a signboard was standing at Konoetei-ato area.


In the peach forest, white and red peach flowers were blooming. You will enjoy to view both peach blossom and cherry blossom at the same time.


A small flower, Sukiyanagi, was also beginning to bloom.


In addition, Kyoto Imperial Palace is closed from 3/23 to 3/27 due to imperial court event.

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