New updated iOS app - "Vibroscope" ver 7.0


"Vibroscope" has been updated to version 7.0!

"Vibroscope" is a vibration measurement and analysis tools by using the iPhone's acceleration sensor in real-time. It allows you to monitor by visualizing the low-frequency vibration, such as inaudible by ear.

This app can be intuitively detected an acceleration amount, that displays the two-axial coordinates in the horizontal direction and the time-axis waveform in the vertical direction. It can measure by determining the horizontal or vertical direction to suit the attitude of the iPhone automatically, so as to be available on the floor and desk or handheld.

In addition, "Vibroscope" is also equipped with the ability to analyze the frequency components of the low-frequency vibration by the FFT analyzer.

The latest version adds the ability to display average acceleration per second. You can toggle between displaying instantaneous acceleration and average acceleration.

* Main mode: Vibration analysis graph in linear scale, instantaneous acceleration

It automatically determines the horizontal and vertical direction regardless of the posture of the iPhone device so that it can be used on the floor, on a desk, etc. or hand-held. The axis direction of the graph display can also be switched during the measurement operation.

vs_main_zy_v700.jpg  vs_main_xz_v700.jpg 

* Main mode: Vibration analysis graph in log scale, instantaneous acceleration

*Main mode: Vibration analysis graph in linear scale, average acceleration
vs_main_average_fast_v700.jpg vs_main_average_slow_v700.jpg

In addition, the FFT analyser provides the ability to analyse the frequency components of low-frequency vibrations. It can also be used to characterise vibration sources.

* FFT mode: vibration frequency analysis

vs_fft_axis1_v600.jpg vs_fft_axis2_v600.jpg

* Utilization examples
- In cases such as car traffic, to analyze the vibration and frequency components on the floor and walls.
- To measure the howling level such as Audio equipment.
- To detect the vibration and acceleration of train or automobile.
- Check the sense of balance by the sensing of the horizontal direction of the body swinging.

Detailed information about this app is available on App StoreTM and can be found at the following link.


(Note: 2023/4/22)
Updated to version 7.1!
The upper limit of the measurement display range has been extended, so very large vibrations can now be displayed.
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