New updated iOS app - "Sound Lissajous Meter" ver 3.0


"Sound Lissajous Meter" has been updated to version 3.0 today!

"Sound Lissajous Meter" is an iPhone app that can display audio signals as Lissajous curves in real time.

"Lissajous" is a plane figure obtained by combining two single vibrations that oscillate at right angles to each other.

With the vertical axis as the microphone input signal and the horizontal axis as the reference sine wave, the Lissajous curve can be displayed as a two-dimensional curve.


For example, a sine wave of the same frequency as the reference sine wave can be played back from an audio system and its frequency and phase changes can be observed in the Lissajous curve pattern. If there is a lot of noise, it can be displayed more clearly by applying a filter.

lissa_scale_A4_v300.jpg lissa_scale_A4_filter_v300.jpg

In the case of an unknown sound source, the interrelationship of amplitude, frequency, and phase with a reference sine wave can be used to analyze the source.

lissa_any_1250hz_v300.jpg lissa_any_2500hz_v300.jpg

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