"Special Selected Speaker Units 2022 MarkAudio Edition" - OM-MF4-MICA


I recently obtained Stereo magazine's ONTOMO MOOK, "Special Selected Speaker Units 2022 MarkAudio Edition".


The loudspeaker unit in this issue is the Mark Audio "OM-MF4-MICA" 6cm full range.

The "OM-MF4-MICA" unit looks from the outside as if the metal diaphragm of the previous "OM-MF4" unit has been replaced with paper one to simply make it lighter, but in fact many improvements have been made to the unit.

- OM-MF4-MICA T/S parameter
 Re = 6.8Ω
 Fs = 106.69Hz
 Vas = 1.17L
 Qts = 0.55
 Sd = 23cm2
 Mmd = 1.33g
 Mms = 1.39g
 Spl = 85.23dB/m
 Max Power = 7W(Nom)
 XMax = 4.0mm(1way)

- OM-MF4 T/S parameter
 Revc = 8Ω
 Fs = 97.5Hz
 Vas = 1.15L
 Qts = 0.64
 Sd = 24cm2
 Mmd = 1.63g
 Mms = 1.69g
 Spl = 83.41dB
 Max Power = 7W(Nom)
 XMax = 4.0mm(1way)

The moving mass (Mmd) of the mechanical system is 0.3 g lighter. It has a higher Fs and a higher sound pressure level.
And the Qts is lower, so it may to sound better in the duct with a slightly higher load.


Two years ago, I built a loudspeaker using "OM-MF4" unit with an unusual appearance theme, and it is now in use as a desktop audio system.

I'm going to try a simple bass reflex this time, or not... So see next time.
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