New update - "Music Frequency Analyzer" ver 2.0


"Music Frequency Analyzer" has been updated to ver 2.0 today!

"Music Frequency Analyzer" is a new sound source analysis tool for digital music content.

Do you know what kind of sound characteristics your favorite music source has? This app allows you to check the sound characteristics of music sources.

For example, you can find out the bass and treble frequencies, the frequency overlap at the beginning and climax of the music, the recording condition, the background noise level, and more.
It can also be used as reference information for acoustic evaluation when the same sound source is played back on audio equipment.


This app analyzes the information in the music file and displays the sound characteristics by FFT analysis and 1/3 octave band analysis in real time. It can also display quantitative analysis of their peak hold and average values.

mfa_fft_Lch_v200.jpg mfa_fft_Rch_v200.jpg

In addition, with the fluctuation analysis, you can also see the degree of "1/f fluctuation", which shows the trend of frequency distribution of the sound source.


If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of AppStoreTM.

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