Place of the first kick


I visited Shimogammo Shrine for the first time in a while. I usually go straight back along the approach to the shrine from Tadasu-no-mori forest, but I went through the horse stable located right next to the shrine. This is where the horseback archery event "Yabusame" is held on May 3.


Walking through the fresh greenery, I spotted something strange at a small shrine!


A big Rugby ball!

This Sadawasha Shrine is widely revered as a rugby shrine!


Here in Tadasunomori, Keio University students taught rugby to Kyoto University students in 1910, which was the beginning of Kansai rugby. I forgot to take a crucial photo, but there was a stone monument "the place of the first kick" standing next to the shrine.
The history of Japanese Rugby was engraved in such a familiar place.
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