Now updated - "Low Frequency Detector" ver 4.0


"Low Frequency Detector"has been updated to ver 4.0 today!

"Low Frequency Detector" is a new acoustic measurement tool for detecting low frequency sounds that is hard to hear in the normal situation. It supports very lower frequency range less than 100Hz by our proprietary sound sensing technology.

This app also allows you to examine the frequency component of the low frequency sounds by 1/3 octave band analysis and FFT analysis.

The human ear is insensitive enough to become a low frequency. If you may be exposed to the noise of neighboring constructions and factories without noticing, you may have a feeling bad and a sense of oppression. In this case, you can check what type of the low frequency noise exists by simple operation of this app.

In the latest version, we have reduced the tuning process by improving the calibration process. This makes the initial setup a very simple procedure.

# Time transition graph

# 1/3 octave band analysis

# FFT analysis

After the completion of the measurement, you can display the report of peak LF Level analysis.

# Report

The following are some of the sources of infrasound. If you have unexplained health problems or feel unwell, you may be exposed to such low frequency sounds.

# Sources in the home: heat pump water heaters, household fuel cells, ventilation fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, blowers, dehydration pumps, etc.

# Outdoor sources: cars, trains, airplanes, outdoor air conditioning units in buildings, factory noise, long-term vibration of road bridges, wind power generation, etc.

Detailed information about this app is available on the AppStore and can be found at the following link.

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