New updated - "Sound Level Analyzer Lite" ver 6.0


"Sound Level Analyzer Lite" has been updated to ver 6.0 today.

"Sound Level Analyzer Lite" is a sound level meter app for iPhone.

It is a free app that has simplified the function of "Sound Level Analyzer / PRO".

Simply tap the Start button to measure the sound level. The measured sound level will be displayed in dB.

slalite_leq_a_1_v600.jpg slalite_leq_c_1_v600.jpg

#Examples of general environmental noise and noise level:
130dB : Engine sound of Airplane
110dB : Horn of Car
100dB : Noise of passing train
90dB : In loud factory
80dB : In the train, Vacuum cleaner
70dB : Noisy office, Noisy street
60dB : Quiet Car, Normal conversation
50dB : Quiet office
40dB : In the library, Quiet residential area
30dB : Outskirts of midnight, Whisper
20dB : Sounds of rubbing leaves

*Note: The standard noise measurement range is 30 to 130 dBA, and the measured value (Leq) is about 30 dBA in a quiet room. Noise levels are never measured at 0dBA even in very quiet environments.

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Addendum (December 24, 2021)
Updated to version 6.0.1. Improved stability and expanded iOS support to work on iOS14.7 in addition to iOS15.
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