New updated - "Sound Level Analyzer PRO" ver 4.0


"Sound Level Analyzer PRO" has been updated to ver 4.0 today.

"Sound Level Analyzer PRO" is an integrated sound measurement app that includes sound level meter and a variety of noise analysis tools.

This app is a more advanced version of the standard noise measurement app "Sound Level Analyzer" and the free app "Sound Level Analyzer Lite".

It can measure the sound level of environmental noise, specific sound sources, music sounds, etc. in real time, and examine their maximum level, minimum level, time average level, etc.

slapro_main_v410.jpg  slapro_main_c_slow_v410.jpg

It has powerful sound analysis capabilities, including real-time frequency spectrum analysis, time-varying level display over time, and sound level statistical analysis (histogram and time-rate sound level). It can also be used for multifaceted analysis of the sound characteristics and frequency trends of a sound source.

# Frequency spectrum analysis(1/3 octave-band analysis, FFT)
slapro_ps_all_octval_2_v410.jpg  slapro_ps_max_v410.jpg

# Time-varying level display

# Sound level statistical analysis (histogram and time-rate sound level)
slapro_sa_hist_v410.jpg  slapro_sa_ln_v410.jpg

#Examples of general environmental noise and noise level:
  130dB : Engine sound of Airplane
  110dB : Horn of Car
  100dB : Noise of passing train
   90dB : In loud factory
   80dB : In the train, Vacuum cleaner
   70dB : Noisy office, Noisy street
   60dB : Quiet Car, Normal conversation
   50dB : Quiet office
   40dB : In the library, Quiet residential area
   30dB : Outskirts of midnight, Whisper
   20dB : Sounds of rubbing leaves

*Note: The standard noise measurement range is 30 to 130 dBA, and the measured value (Leq) is about 30 dBA in a quiet room. Noise levels are never measured at 0dBA even in very quiet environments.

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P.S. (October 28, 2021)
New updated to Ver 4.1. Minor bugs have been fixed and internal processing has been improved. In addition, we have confirmed that this app works properly on the latest OS "iOS 15.1".
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