Fujibakama and butterfly


I was walking along Teramachi street in Kyoto when I came across an exhibition of Fujibakama (Eupatorium japonicum) at Kodo Gyoganji Temple.

This Fujibakama is an ancient species that originated in Kyoto over 1200 years ago.

Among the many Fujibakama flowers on display, I found a beautiful butterfly in a large pot!


This butterfly appeared to be a female Indian Fritillary. The leopard print wings were very eye-catching.

She was engrossed in sucking the nectar from the flowers, even though I was watching her very closely.

It is said that this type of butterfly ingests pyrrolizidine alkaloids, a chemical found in the nectar of Fujibakama flowers, and stores it in its body to protect itself from enemies and as a source of sex pheromones. She may have been intoxicated by this ingredient.

I was very healed by this beautiful butterfly.
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