"Jugatsuzakura" in Kyoto Gyoen.


The declaration of a state of emergency throughout Japan has been lifted on October 1, and I hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will gradually come under control.

I went for a walk in the Kyoto Gyoen Imperial Garden on a sunny day. It's been half a year since I came here to see the cherry blossoms in early spring.

On the east side of "Demizu no Ogawa" creek, pink flowers were blooming! Just like the scene I saw this spring.


The flowers are called "Jugatsuzakura," a type of cherry blossom that blooms in two seasons, early April and October through winter.

I was able to see it bloom at just the right time. I think it is a new tree that was planted five or six years ago, but I didn't know that it also blooms in autumn.


This pretty pink flower has healed my heart. It is still in its early stages of blooming, so we will be able to enjoy these pretty flowers for a while.
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