New release app - "High-Frequency Noise Monitor"


"High-Frequency Noise Monitor" has been newly released now!

"High-Frequency Noise Monitor" is a high-frequency noise analysis tool that specializes in high-frequency bands above 8 kHz.

You may be exposed to artificial high-frequency noise on a daily basis that is inaudible to the human ear. This app allows you to monitor such high frequency noises and examine their occurrence.

In general, noise may contain relatively high frequency components depending on its source, and this is classified as high frequency noise.

For example, harmonic noise is radiated from the main body of an electronic device or the power lines of a power conversion device such as an AC-DC power adapter, and depending on its power level, it may affect peripheral devices.

There are also devices that generate high-frequency noise to drive away vermin such as rats and weasels. The frequency of the sound varies depending on the type of vermin, and some devices incorporate sensors to change the volume and frequency over time. When such devices are installed in the vicinity, there are cases where they can lead to noise problems with adverse effects on human health.

High-frequency noise does not often occur at a constant volume or frequency, but often occurs in a certain cycle or randomly. It is not easy to detect such high-frequency noise.

This app records randomly fluctuating high-frequency noise from the iPhone built-in microphone and performs frequency analysis in real time.


In addition, it retains the PCM data for 20 seconds just before the measurement is stopped, and displays a spectrogram by FFT or the octave band analysis.

The spectrogram is a graph showing the analysis results of the frequency spectrum of sound with time on the vertical axis, frequency on the horizontal axis, and signal strength in colors, allowing visual observation of the occurrence of high-frequency noise.

* Spectrogram by FFT

* Spectrogram by Octave band analysis.

We have also released iPhone app, "Mosquitone Detector" which detects high frequency noise and ultrasound. This app has the ability to detect the presence of high frequency noise and search for the direction of the sound source.
We hope our these apps will be useful for dealing with high-frequency noise problems.

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