Apple "HomePod mini" - Review and frequency response measurement.

I just got the Apple "HomePod mini" as an AirPlay evaluation device. The box was smaller than I had imagined.

HomePod min(2).jpg

I immediately took it out of the box and tried to set it up, but it took quite a bit of time because I had deleted the Home app or turned off Bluetooth.
After I managed to finish the setup, I can play music from Apple Music app without any problem.

So I decided to measure the frequency response of this device by playing sound from iTunes.

It was measured on a table at a distance of 1 meter with "Audio Frequency Analyzer" (AFA) app.

I played a sine wave at 1kHz to roughly adjust the playback level.
Then I played back pink noise and measured the frequency response by AFA app, holding the peak for about 15 seconds and doing a 1/3 octave band analysis.

- FFT measurement (playback level adjustment: 1m, Sine wave 1kHz)

- Frequency response measurement (1m, Pink noise, 1/3 octave band analysis, HOLD on)

In this measurement, the levels at 160Hz and 200Hz were a little low, probably due to standing waves, as they also appeared in other speaker measurements.

For the size of the enclosure, the bass extended well down to 63Hz. The high frequency range above 2kHz was about 2 to 4dB lower than the mid range, and the characteristic sound point seemed to be around 12kHz.

The auditory response was close to this frequency response, and the bass feeling was more than I expected, so it was easy to listen to music even at low volume. I felt that the drivers and passive radiator were well designed for this small size.

The HomePod mini does a very good job of playing music for background music!
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