Hand crafted SP with ONKYO "OM-OF101" vol.5 - Extensions

This gimmick is a duct plug!

Cut from a scrap piece of OSB plywood.


I had to cut it out six times in total to fit the diameter of the duct holes. The thing behind it is the auxiliary plate for the tweeter, which is in the process of being painte

Here is a comparative image of bass reflex mode and sealed mode.

- Bass reflex mode

- Sealed mode.

I immediately measured the frequency response of the bass reflex mode and the sealed mode.

They didn't seem to have any extreme differences, but the 63Hz level seemed to be a little lower in the sealed mode.

- Frequency response in Bass reflex mode

- Frequency response in Sealed mode

As a 10.5L sealed box, f0c (f0 of the unit when installed in the box) is calculated around 101Hz, which is a little higher frequency than bass reflex.

My impression is that the bass is a bit suppressed in sealed mode, and bass reflex mode is probably the better choice.

If sealed mode is used, it would be better to add a little more sound absorbing material.
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