New updated - "Sound Level Analyzer" ver 4.0


"Sound Level Analyzer" has been updated to ver 4.0.

"Sound Level Analyzer" is a standard sound level measurement app with sound frequency analysis tools.

It can display automatically the instantaneous sound level and has additional analysis modes, which are time graph, frequency realtime analyzer (RTA) and FFT analyzer. It can be used to analyze the characteristics for the sound / noise source.

Available in variety of applications as the neighboring environmental noise measurement, audio system check, vehicle interior noise check, sound check of Live events, and more.

sla_main_st_v400.jpg sla_main_v400.jpg

Power spectrum shows the graphic chart by 1/3-octave band response analysis in 24 band (100 Hz to 20 kHz) and FFT analysis in real-time.

In the latest version, the FFT analysis display has been changed to make it easier to see the frequency bands with high audibility (100Hz-3kHz, 3kHz-6kHz). Also, it has been added a process to prevent erroneous operation during measurement.

# Power Spectrum (1/3-octave band response analysis, FFT analysis)
sla_ps_fftall_v400.jpg sla_ps_fftall_octval_v400.jpg

#FFT analysis (100Hz-3kHz, 3kHz-6kHz)
sla_ps_sc1_v400.jpg sla_ps_sc2_v400.jpg

In addition, it can display the frequency spectrum characteristics at the moment when the maximum sound level "Lmax" has occurred.

sla_ps_displaymax_v400.jpg sla_ps_displaymax_octval_v400.jpg

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