New updated - "Colored Noise Generator" ver 3.1 - Free of charge!


"Colored Noise Generator" has been updated to ver 3.1 today.

"Colored Noise Generator" is an innovative noise generator with the octave band filter.

This app can generate standard noise signals such as white noise, pink noise, brown noise, blue noise, purple noise and gray noise.

cobng_white_v310.png cobng_brown_v310.png

In addition, it can generate a specific octave band noise signal by using the band-pass filtering of 1/1 octave band with ideal steep attenuation characteristics.

Octave band noise can be used for various purposes as a reference sound source for environmental sound measurement, sound tuning, tinnitus relief and sound masking. It can be also used for auditory effects such as sleep support.

Octave band noise can be created as a multi-band coupling signal by 1/1 octave band filter with a center frequency from 63Hz to 8kHz.

cobng_obn_white_v310.png cobng_obn_blue_v310.png

Please to click the following link to see the app information. It will be open the product page on AppStore.

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