SANSUI AU-ƒΏ907 Limited


SANSUI AU-ƒΏ907Limited

Released in 1994, the third-generation limited products of Sansui 907 integrated amplifier.

Equipped with a HYPER ƒΏ-X balance circuit, it featured a clean sound in the mid-high range of Toshiba's old MOS-FET (2SK405 / 2SJ115). This is still popular as the best sounding device for audio power MOSFETs along with Hitachi 2SJ49 / 2SK134.

Last night, after a long time, I tried to play an analog record to adjust my 2way speaker, but the amplifier was out of order and no sound was produced (CD direct input was sounded).

This morning, I opened the top plate to clean the inside, and after removing dust for the first time in several years, it started to sound normal.

# Inside of amplifier

# 6mm thick aluminum bonnet with copper powder coating

# Left channel power block

# Right channel power block, preamplifier section (black box at right end)

# Power block (large power transformer with a total weight of 13kg)

It was a total weight of 34kg, so I was concerned that it would hurt my waist when placed on the floor, but there was enough reward to clean it!
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