MarkAudio "OM-MF519" Speaker frequency characteristics, part 3

MarkAudio OM-MF519 Double bass reflex speaker is being adjusted.

The characteristic (1) was the result of adjusting the sound absorbing material to match my listening preference.

This was a measurement result at 1m above the unit axis (tilt about 15 degrees to the front of the baffle). The peak at 250Hz dropped, and the characteristics seemed to shift to 200Hz or below.

The characteristics of the second duct seemed to be concentrated around 60-100Hz. Then this area may not change unless the duct length is changed.

(1) Frequency characteristic of adjusting the sound absorbing material

Incidentally, the characteristic (2) was measured on the front axis of the unit. The peak of 12k-16kHz which is the high frequency characteristic of this unit was appeared.

(2) Frequency characteristic on the front axis of the unit

The characteristic (3) was the result of distance from the baffle to 2m.
Although a peak was seen at 100Hz, I thought that it was possible to get around 50Hz as a low frequency characteristic.

(3) Frequency characteristic from the baffle to 2m

As for my impression, I could hear the profound feeling of the bass and strings with the feeling of adding a subwoofer.

However, the feeling of tightness in the low frequency area will be reduced, so the rhythm may be lighter in jazz and pop music. I don't know if this is a characteristic of the box, or if the work accuracy or adjustment is insufficient.

Since the internal adjustment is over, I will consider finishing the box surface.
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