MarkAudio OM-MF519 - frequency response 2

Now I am using MarkAudio OM-MF519 with FOSTEX E82 box in my third audio system.

So I was measured it in the anew conditions, and I confirmed that it was adjusted to be quite strong response at 12kHz or higher according to the frequency characteristics announced by MarkAudio.


I tried to see how the frequency characteristics change on the front speaker axis and the general listening position. At this time, the speaker arrangement is set in the parallel front method of facing directly in front.

The frequency characteristics were measured under the conditions of gon the speaker axis 0 ‹ , 1 mh and gcenter position (speaker axis angle 60 ‹, distance 1.6 m)h.

It was measured using the RTA app ( "Audio Frequency Analyzer" ). As for pink noise, 1/3 octave band response, peak hold 30 seconds, the amplifier output was about 2W.

” Speaker face point (speaker axis 0‹A1.m)

”Center listening position (speaker axis 60‹A1.6m)

The power level around 12-20kHz was quite strong on the speaker axis, but it was confirmed that the usual listening position at the center position was almost flat. So it has high directivity in the high frequnecy range by the small caliber unit.

The MarkAudio OM-MF519 unit seems to be preferable to listen in the parallel front method instead of directing the front of the speaker to the listener.
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