New updated - "Hearing Analyzer Lite" ver 2.1 - Free!


"Hearing Analyzer Lite" was updated to ver 2.1 today.

"Hearing Analyzer Lite" is ears wellness application that can be easily measured the frequency characteristics of your hearing.

This app is a free app that has simplified the hearing check function of "Hearing Analyzer Portrait".

It covers a sufficient frequency range (125Hz to 12000Hz) for your sound life. You can self-diagnose the sound hearing ability.

In general, Pure tone audiometry in a medical institution examines the range from 125Hz (bass) to 8000Hz (treble). (General medical check is only 1000Hz and 4000Hz sounds.) These tests are only for the minimum level required for daily life.

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By measuring the characteristics of your current hearing, please try to consider the wellness of your ears and the way of natural sound reproduction.

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Please to click the following link to show "Hearing Analyzer Lite" from App StoreTM. It will be open our product page on App StoreTM.

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