MarkAudio OM-MF519 - frequency response


I tried installing MarkAudio "OM-MF519" full range unit in the general purpose SP box (FOSTEX E82).

The difference in appearance between "OM-MF519" (left) and "OM-MF5" (right) is as follows. The magnesium aluminum diaphragm became a gun metallic color, and I felt a little luxurious.



"FOSTEX E82" is a small general-purpose enclosure designed for the 8 cm full range, 4 L bass reflex, 85 Hz Fb, and weighs 2.1 kg.

When I get a new SP unit, I try tp attach it to this box for the time being and use it to check what it sounds like.

When I connected "OM-MF519" to my stereo system and played music, I heard a very fresh and smooth sound. Last year's "OM-MF5" sounded quite uncomfortable at first and needed to sound for several hours.

First of all, the sound is very close to the "OM-MF5", but the mid-low range is enough and the sound is very well balanced. The sound image is pinpoint and is a three-dimensional sound in the depth direction.

I measured the frequency characteristic of "OM-MF519" by RTA app "Audio Frequency Analyzer" . In the measurement condition, Pink noise, 1/3 octave band analysis and 1m above speaker axis.

#OM-MF519 (Fostex E82, Pink noise, 1/3oct-band, Lch, 1m)

#OM-MF519 (Fostex E82, Pink noise, 1/3oct-band, Rch, 1m)

The frequency characteristics of "OM-MF519" unit announced by MarkAudio are as follows. The level rise around 12-20kHz seems to have taken into account listening at a point off the speaker axis.


I also mounted the "OM-MF5" on "Fostex E82" and measured the frequency response. It becomes the frequency characteristic used for about one year. The characteristics were quite similar to "OM-MF519".

#OM-MF5 (Fostex E82、Pink moise, 1/3oct-band, Lch, 1m)

#OM-MF5 (Fostex E82, Pink noise, 1/3oct-band, Rch, 1m)

I would like to continue aging "OM-MF519" unit in this box for a while.
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