Sansho - Japanese pepper


The season for "Sansho" has arrived!

"Sansho" is a deciduous shrub from the genus Citrusaceae, which is native to Japan. Recently it has attracted attention around the world as a traditional Japanese spice. For example, it is used in Nouvel cuisine and sweets in France.

I purchased "Sansho" in Wakayama prefecture. It seems that the harvest period of the fruits of "Sansho" is about 10 days, and if it can not be obtained at this timing, it will become another production area.

I removed very small green fruits from the tufts and cleans them. It takes a lot of time for detailed work. It took about 3 hours and I got about 250g seeds.


I made "Sansho" flavored oil. It had just bottled green fruits with extra virgin olive oil. After washing in water, I think that it is safe to dry in hot water for about 30 seconds and then dry.

It was "1: 3" and "1: 4" weight ratio of "Sansho" and olive oil.

Usually, it is dipped in olive oil and it takes about a week to make a refreshing citrus flavored oil. Depending on the type of yam and olive oil, the extraction of aroma and pungent tastes is quite different.

In addition, I also made the salted ”Sansho" and the flavored vodka.


The ingredient "sanshool" contained in "Sansho" has been shown to activate the receptor (TRPV1) of capsaicin, a hot ingredient of chili pepper.

“Sansho” oil has a wonderful citrus flavor and spicy taste. Just sprinkle on the dish, it will provide a splendid fresh taste like you never experienced.
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