Cherry blossoms flowering info in Kyoto Gyoen Park


Yesterday I went to see the cherry blossoms of Kyoto Gyoen park.

"Sidarezakura of Demizu" has have bloomed for 30%. In the park, weeping cherry blossoms and early-flowering cherry blossoms have begun to bloom, but "Somei Yoshino" has not bloomed yet.

It seems that cherry blossoms is a little behind blooming the whole at Konoetei-ato. Water of pond was drained for the repair works.



Such a signboard was standing at Konoetei-ato area.


In the peach forest, white and red peach flowers were blooming. You will enjoy to view both peach blossom and cherry blossom at the same time.


A small flower, Sukiyanagi, was also beginning to bloom.


In addition, Kyoto Imperial Palace is closed from 3/23 to 3/27 due to imperial court event.

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