New updated - "Tuning Oscillator ONSA" ver 2.0


"Tuning Oscillator ONSA" has been updated to ver 2.0.

"Tuning Oscillator ONSA" is a musical reference tone generator for vocal training and instrument tuning.

It can be generated the scale of the pitch from C1 to C8 based on the pitch of A4 (440Hz). A desired reference pitch can be tuned between 420Hz and 460Hz in 1.0Hz unit.

The Octave can be selected from 8 octave range, and the musical tone can choose from four types, Sine-wave, tuning folk, chime and bell.

onsa_folk_v200.png onsa_piano_v200.png

This app will also help of your voice training by utilizing in conjunction with our app "Vocalise Scope".

If you are interested in "Tuning Oscillator ONSA" app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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