New updated - "Onmon" ver 5.0


"Onmon" has been updated to ver 5.0.

"Onmon" is Spectrogram Analyzer app for Audio and Voice band.

The spectrogram is a graphical image with two geometric dimensions that the horizontal axis represents time and the vertical axis is frequency, and the addtional third dimension is indicating the amplitude of a particular frequency at a particular time that is represented by color of each point in the image.

This app has two analysis modes, Audio mode and Voice mode.

Audio mode performs a real-time spectral analysis as the target of audio signal by Spectrogram and Spectrum. It can be used for discovering visual hidden images in the various sounds, such as music, birdsongs and environmental noises. You can also be used to capture an unpleasant high-frequency noise in your sound system.


Voice mode performs the frequency domain analysis as the target of voice signal, which can be displayed simultaneously Spectrum, Cepstrum, Envelope, Formant and Spectrogram. It can be used for visualization analysis of voices, speech, vocal, and squeaking sound of the animal.



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