New updated "ATG - Audio Tone Generator" ver 4.0


"ATG - Audio Tone Generator" was updated to ver 4.0 today.

"ATG - Audio Tone Generator" is a high quality Audio Signal Generator app for iPhone, which creates the Audio Reference signals as Sinewave, Frequency Sweep, White Noise and Pink Noise.

It creates the reference Audio test signals as Sinewave, Frequency Sweep, White Noise and Pink Noise, and has a high precision of DVD quality and a frequency accuracy of 0.1Hz. Frequency Sweep time can be altered as desired by the user.

By the ver 4.0, it has been added the octave band generator function as a new feature. Octave band noise is generated a frequency limited band signal by using the band-pass filtering of 1/1 octave band or 1/3 octave band. It can be used in order to measure and evaluate the sound level of a certain frequency band on the basis of the octave.

atg_v400_sine.png atg_v400_sweep.png

atg_v400_white.png atg_v400_pink_13oct.png

This app can be very useful for a variety of applications including:
- Testing for Loudspeakers and Headphones
- Burn-in for Audio equipment and Loudspeakers
- Testing and tuning for Audio amplifiers, Equalizers and many other Audio equipment.
- Acoustics testing
- Frequency response measurement for Audio systems using White noise and Pink noise
- Sound Masking
- Relaxation and Meditation
- Hearing Test
- Mosquito sound creation for teenagers

If you are interested in "ATG - Audio Tone Generator" app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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