New updated iOS app - "Hearing Analyzer Portrait" version 5.0


"Hearing Analyzer Portrait" has been updated to version 5.0 today!

"Hearing Analyzer Portrait" is an "ear health" iPhone app that can measure the frequency response of your hearing.

It supports the health of your ears, so that you can continue to hear good sound all the time.

This app can check your hearing ability covering almost the entire human audible bandwidth.

Please use this app to maintain your daily hearing health so that you can continue to be a musician, a music lover, and an audiophile.

hlalite_testing_2_v500.jpg hla_ath_bas_v500.jpg

hla_lvl_lf_1_v500.jpg hla_lvl_mos_1_v500.jpg 

The latest version has a new UI design and improved application stability.

Detailed information about this app is available on App StoreTM and can be found at the following link.