Gion Shidare sakura


I reached the Gion Shidare Sakura (big weeping cherry tree) in Maruyama Park, Kyoto, before the lights went up. Unfortunately, it was cloudy with occasional showers.


When it started to get a little dark, the lights started to turn on. The pink colour of the Gion Shidare Sakura is a complete change from the brightly lit blossoms. As the night falls a little later, the beauty of the cherry blossoms will deepen.
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Spring flowers started to bloom in Kyoto Gyoen


The spring-like weather invited me to take a walk in the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden for the first time in a while.


The plum trees planted here and there were just at their best.


The plum trees in the plum grove were also in full bloom.


The weeping cherry trees around the creek in Demizu were still in bud, but the winter cherry trees that had been blooming all winter were beginning to fall.


Peaches in the peach grove are beginning to bloom.


The weather has been very warm, so the early weeping cherry trees will be in bloom by the end of this week. I am very much looking forward to it.
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New updated iOS app - "Hearing Analyzer Portrait" version 5.0


"Hearing Analyzer Portrait" has been updated to version 5.0 today!

"Hearing Analyzer Portrait" is an "ear health" iPhone app that can measure the frequency response of your hearing.

It supports the health of your ears, so that you can continue to hear good sound all the time.

This app can check your hearing ability covering almost the entire human audible bandwidth.

Please use this app to maintain your daily hearing health so that you can continue to be a musician, a music lover, and an audiophile.

hlalite_testing_2_v500.jpg hla_ath_bas_v500.jpg

hla_lvl_lf_1_v500.jpg hla_lvl_mos_1_v500.jpg 

The latest version has a new UI design and improved application stability.

Detailed information about this app is available on App StoreTM and can be found at the following link.



Hichigiri, special wagashi for Hinamaturi festival


Today, March 3 is an ancient Japanese festival, Hinamaturi festival. 

I ate a special Kyoto wagashi for this festival called Hichigiri!

It is a simple and mysterious shaped wagashi that has been around for over 1,200 years since the Heian period.

It is made by famous wagashi confectionery, "Oimatsu" in Nishijin, the bottom rice cake is Konashi (the green one is filled with tansy), and the top is Kinton.

The sweetness was a little subdued, and the fragrance of the tansy was so refreshing that it made me feel that spring was near. The cold winter in Kyoto seems to be finally over.
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New updated iOS app - "Wavelet Voice Sonogram" ver 3.0


"Wavelet Voice Sonogram" has been updated to version 3.0 today!

"Wavelet Voice Sonogram" is an iPhone app that performs acoustic analysis of voice signals and displays a spectrogram.

A spectrogram is a graph showing the results of sound frequency spectrum analysis with time on the horizontal axis, frequency on the vertical axis, and signal strength represented by colors, and is used for voice analysis, voiceprint identification, and other purposes.

The application can perform acoustic analysis and display spectrograms using three time-frequency analysis techniques: Wavelet analysis, Octave-band analysis and FFT analysis.

It is easy to perform acoustic analysis of speech, instrumental sounds, noise, and so on. It can also be used for elementary learning of speech analysis.

In this latest version, the UI design has been updated and the stability of the application has been improved.

- Wavelet analysis

- Octave-band analysis

- FFT analysis

It is possible to record audio signals from the iPhone's built-in microphone. While playing back sound, you can search for the desired sound and perform acoustic analysis.


The zoom function allows you to zoom in on a specific period of approximately 10 seconds of PCM data to find the point you want to analyze.

wvs_timepoint_v300.jpg wvs_zoom_1_v300.jpg

If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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