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During this summer vacation, why not check out the audio systems and living environments you've always wondered about?

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Audio Frequency Analyzer


Spectrum audio analyzer (RTA) application for iPhone.
Use it for various sound scenarios such as audio equipment setup, speaker testing, stage acoustics, and evaluation of sound mixing environments.

Audio Tone Generator Plus


A sound generator application that generates a variety of audio test tones.
It can be used in a wide range of fields as a reference sound source for audio system testing, sound tuning, hearing tests, etc.

Environmental Sensor Measurement Combo

icon-magnetscape_v400.png icon-vs_v500.png icon-inclino_v300.png

A set of applications that displays information from various iPhone built-in sensors in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner.
- Magnetscape: Magnetic level measurement and analysis tool
- Vibroscope : Vibration level measurement and analysis tool
- Clinoscope : Inclinometer/gyroscope

Particular Noise Measurement Combo

icon-sla_v500.png icon-hfnm_v200.png icon-lfd_v400.png

A set of noise analysis applications covering a wide range of audible frequencies from low to high frequency.
- Sound Level Analyzer: Noise measurement & analysis tool
- High-Frequency Noise Monitor: High-frequency sound analysis tool
- Low Frequency Detector: Low frequency sound detection tool

Postscript (2022.8.20):
Summer Sale has ended successfully. Thanks to all of you who visited our AppStore.

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Information on season's holidays closure

We will be closed from 2022/8/11 to 2022/8/16 for the season's holiday.

Regarding inquiries received during the holidays, we will respond sequentially after the holidays.

Thank you for your understanding.

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