New update - "ClinoScope" ver 3.0 - 3D dynamic inclinometer


"ClinoScope" has been updated to ver 3.0 today!

"ClinoScope" is a new analysis tool for measuring 3-dimensional angles of tilt, inclination of an object with respect to gravity by using iPhone's acceleration/gyro sensor.

You can easily measure the slope of a variety of locations, such as the distortion of the floor, the inclination of buildings.

The latest version has an updated UI design, added device orientation information to snapshots, and improved stability.

Utilization examples:
- Measuring the tilt states, such as furniture, floors, pictures and buildings.
- Measuring angle on moving vehicles.
- Showing the inclination of an aircraft or ship relative to the horizon.
- Measurement of the rotational speed, such as the amusement playground equipment.
- Setting adjustment of audio equipment, for example, adjustment of the rotational speed of the analog record player.
- Use in various sports, for example, measurement of the green inclination angle of the golf.
- Checking the sense of balance by sensing the body swinging angle.
- Tuning the elevation angle of a satellite antenna.

In INCLINE mode, it works as a 3D inclinometer, utilizing the information of the accelerometer. It visually displays the angle and slope according to the spatial orientation of the iPhone device.

# Portrait (Vertical possession)

# FaceUp (Terminal horizontal, Flat)

# Landscape (Horizontal possession)

In TIME mode, time variation of angle and angular velocity can be graphically displayed in real time.


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