New update - "ClinoScope" ver 3.0 - 3D dynamic inclinometer


"ClinoScope" has been updated to ver 3.0 today!

"ClinoScope" is a new analysis tool for measuring 3-dimensional angles of tilt, inclination of an object with respect to gravity by using iPhone's acceleration/gyro sensor.

You can easily measure the slope of a variety of locations, such as the distortion of the floor, the inclination of buildings.

The latest version has an updated UI design, added device orientation information to snapshots, and improved stability.

Utilization examples:
- Measuring the tilt states, such as furniture, floors, pictures and buildings.
- Measuring angle on moving vehicles.
- Showing the inclination of an aircraft or ship relative to the horizon.
- Measurement of the rotational speed, such as the amusement playground equipment.
- Setting adjustment of audio equipment, for example, adjustment of the rotational speed of the analog record player.
- Use in various sports, for example, measurement of the green inclination angle of the golf.
- Checking the sense of balance by sensing the body swinging angle.
- Tuning the elevation angle of a satellite antenna.

In INCLINE mode, it works as a 3D inclinometer, utilizing the information of the accelerometer. It visually displays the angle and slope according to the spatial orientation of the iPhone device.

# Portrait (Vertical possession)

# FaceUp (Terminal horizontal, Flat)

# Landscape (Horizontal possession)

In TIME mode, time variation of angle and angular velocity can be graphically displayed in real time.


If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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New update - "High-Frequency Noise Monitor" ver 2.0


"High-Frequency Noise Monitor" has been updated to ver 2.0 now!

"High-Frequency Noise Monitor" is a high-frequency noise analysis tool that specializes in high-frequency bands above 8 kHz.

You may be exposed to artificial high-frequency noise on a daily basis that is inaudible to the human ear. This app allows you to monitor such high frequency noises and examine their occurrence.

In general, noise may contain relatively high frequency components depending on its source, and this is classified as high frequency noise.

For example, harmonic noise is radiated from the main body of an electronic device or the power lines of a power conversion device such as an AC-DC power adapter, and depending on its power level, it may affect peripheral devices.

There are also devices that generate high-frequency noise to drive away vermin such as rats and weasels. The frequency of the sound varies depending on the type of vermin, and some devices incorporate sensors to change the volume and frequency over time. When such devices are installed in the vicinity, there are cases where they can lead to noise problems with adverse effects on human health.

High-frequency noise does not often occur at a constant volume or frequency, but often occurs in a certain cycle or randomly. It is not easy to detect such high-frequency noise.

This app collects randomly fluctuating high-frequency noise from the iPhone built-in microphone and performs frequency analysis in real time.

The latest version has an updated UI design and improved application stability.


In addition, it retains the PCM data for 20 seconds just before the measurement is stopped, and displays a spectrogram by FFT or the octave band analysis.

The spectrogram is a graph showing the analysis results of the frequency spectrum of sound with time on the vertical axis, frequency on the horizontal axis, and signal strength in colors, allowing visual observation of the occurrence of high-frequency noise.

# FFT analysis

# Octave-band analysis

If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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New update - "Wavelet Voice Sonogram" ver 2.0


"Wavelet Voice Sonogram" has been updated to Ver 2.0 today!

"Wavelet Voice Sonogram" is a new sound spectrogram app that performs time-frequency analysis of acoustic signals.

A spectrogram is a graph that shows the results of a sound frequency spectrum analysis with time on the horizontal axis, frequency on the vertical axis, and signal strength in colors.

This app can perform acoustic analysis and display the spectrograms by using three time-frequency analysis methods, Wavelet analysis, Octave Band analysis, and FFT analysis.

It can record sounds from iPhone built-in microphone. While playing the sound, you can search for the desired sound and analyze it.

"Wavelet Voice Sonogram" allows you to easily perform acoustic analysis of speech, instrumental sounds, noise, and more. It can also be used to learn elementary speech analysis.

- Wavelet analysis

- Octave Band analysis

- FFT analysis

PCM sound recording and playback is possible up to about 180 seconds, and the audio waveform graph and FFT analysis graph are displayed. While playing back sound, you can search for sound at any point in time.


Zoom in on a specific 10 seconds of PCM data and play back the sound. Used to find a specific sound at the point in time you want to analyze.


For more information on "Wavelet Voice Sonogram" app, please visit the iOS product page on the AppStoreTM.

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Season of Japanese Pepper, "Sansho"

The fresh green season before summer is also the season of the Japanese pepper, "Sansho"! I look forward to this season every year.
It is characterized by a unique pungent spiciness and a wonderful citrus aroma.


Since mid-May, they have been on the market from Kochi, Wakayama, and Kyoto, in the order of warmth of the producing region.

I purchased the most famous "Budo Sansho" from Arita in Wakayama! This is because the Wakayama variety is of the highest quality and has a very nice aroma.


Removing the tiny seeds from the branches of the sansho plant is a very fine and patient process, but it is the only way to savor this seasonal treasure. I soaked a lot of prickly pear in olive oil, and also pickled them in salt and gin.



In about a week the Sansho oil will be ready as a flavored oil. If stored at low temperature in the refrigerator, the fresh aroma of Sansho can be enjoyed for a year.
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New update - "Mosquitone Detector" ver 3.0


"Mosquitone Detector" has been updated to ver 3.0 now!

"Mosquitone Detector" is a sound measurement app that detects high-frequency noises and ultrasonic sounds hard to hear for human ears.


It may have been exposed to artificial high frequency noise while you do not notice. This app can detect and visualize such high frequency noises.

In general, the human audible range is said to be 20 Hz to 20 kHz, but very high frequency sounds above 10kHz will gradually become difficult to hear with age. For example, there are increasing cases where high frequency and high power noise generators are installed in various places as a purpose of repelling young people and beast pests using very high frequency mosquito noises that can not be heard by general adults.

Especially for young children, there are cases that they stay in the bad place even though on a very uncomfortable noise environment because adults can not recognize at all.

Please use this app to find high frequency noise, so it will help you to quickly get away from the bad spot or remove the noise source.

The latest version features a new UI design and improved stability.

# Detect mode : It can check if there are high frequency and ultrasonic sounds that you can not hear.

mtd-detect-16k-2-1_v300.jpg mtd-detect-8k-1_v300.jpg

# Search mode : It can find the direction of high-frequency sound source. It can only be used when it has found the peak frequency in Detect mode.

mtd-search-16k-2_v300.jpg mtd-search-8k-1_v300.jpg

For more information on "Mosquitone Detector" app, please visit the iOS product page on the AppStoreTM.

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