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Place of the first kick


I visited Shimogammo Shrine for the first time in a while. I usually go straight back along the approach to the shrine from Tadasu-no-mori forest, but I went through the horse stable located right next to the shrine. This is where the horseback archery event "Yabusame" is held on May 3.


Walking through the fresh greenery, I spotted something strange at a small shrine!


A big Rugby ball!

This Sadawasha Shrine is widely revered as a rugby shrine!


Here in Tadasunomori, Keio University students taught rugby to Kyoto University students in 1910, which was the beginning of Kansai rugby. I forgot to take a crucial photo, but there was a stone monument "the place of the first kick" standing next to the shrine.
The history of Japanese Rugby was engraved in such a familiar place.
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New release App - "Audio Tone Generator Plus" for iPhone


"Audio Tone Generator Plus" has been newly released now!

"Audio Tone Generator Plus" is a new integrated sound signal generator application that produces a variety of audio test tones.

This app can be used in a wide range of fields as a reference sound source for audio system testing, sound tuning, hearing testing, SR fields and more.

It has four types of signal generators as follows, and can generate sine wave signal, frequency sweep, chirp signal, colored noise with octave-band noise.

- Sine wave generator:
It includes sine wave generator that generates a pure tone with a high precision of DVD quality and a frequency accuracy of 0.1Hz.


- Frequency Sweep generator:
It has linear sine wave frequency sweep/warble signal. Upward/downward sweep is possible.

atg_plus_sweep_3_v100.jpg atg_plus_warble_1_v100.jpg

- Frequency Chirp generator
It is short-time sweep signal with linear or exponential frequency change. Chirp signal generation time and start delay time can be adjusted.


- Colored Noise generator with Octave-band noise
It produces White noise, Pink noise, Brown noise, Blue noise, Purple noise and Gray noise. It can also generate 1/1 and 1/3 octave band colored noise with user-configurable frequency octave-band filter. Multiple selections of arbitrary bands are possible. Burst noise can also be output with 4 different duty ratios.

atg_plus_noise_white_v100.jpg atg_plus_pink_1_v100.jpg

- Octave-band noise
It can also generate 1/1 and 1/3 octave band colored noise with user-configurable frequency octave-band filter. Multiple selections of arbitrary bands are possible.

atg_plus_white_11oct_v100.jpg atg_plus_pink_13oct_v100.jpg

If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Kyoto

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Kyoto City, and since the temperature did not rise much after the blooming was declared, I was able to enjoy them for an unexpectedly long time.


Demizu's weeping cherry tree in Kyoto Gyoen.


Weeping cherry tree at the site of Konoe's residence in Kyoto Gyoen.


Someiyoshino at Kiyamachi



Cherry Blossoms at Gion Shirakawa.
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