Signs of spring in Kyoto.


Cherry blossoms were declared to have begun blooming on March 24. It seems that spring has begun in Kyoto.

So I took a stroll in Kyoto-gyoen national park to see how things are going. However, here was mainly composed of yamazakura (mountain cherry), satozakura (town cherry), and shidarezakura (weeping cherry), and no someiyoshino (Most popular cherry) is planted there, so I had nothing to do with the declaration of cherry blossom blooming.


The large weeping cherry tree on the Demizu creek is only about half in bloom. It will be in full bloom by the middle of next week. The satozakura and yamazakura cherry trees are still in bud, so it will be a while before they are in full bloom.


Peach blossoms are just at their best in the peach grove. Plum blossoms were late in blooming, so the late-blooming plums are at their best in the plum grove. Now we can enjoy full blooming of three spring flowers at the same time.
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Walking in Kyoto Gyoen park in warm spring-like weather


For the first time this year, the temperature in Kyoto City exceeded 20 degrees Celsius, making the weather warmer.

I took a short walk in Kyoto Gyoen National Park. I used to come here often last year, but the very cold weather and COVID-19 have kept me away in this winter.

Plum blossoms were in full bloom around Demizu creek. In the plum grove, many of the plum trees were only half in bloom. If the warm weather continues, we will see much blooming this weekend.


The wax plum trees were also in full bloom.


Peaches grove were beginning to bloom with buds swelling considerably. The early-blooming weeping cherry trees are still hard in bud, so it will be a while before they bloom.
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3.11 - 11th years of Great East Japan earthquake


Eleven years have passed since that terrible day.

Will time heal the painful and sad memories?
No, there must be something that we should not forget even if it is painful. The efforts to recover from the disaster caused by the massive tsunami and the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima are still going on.

Now, many people in Ukraine are suffering and struggling. Their grief is our pain. We must not try to destroy the world peace order that was built on the reflection of the tragic events of World War II. May peace come to Ukraine!
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Prayers for Ukraine from Nijojo Castle, Kyoto.


Nijojo Castle in Kyoto, a World Heritage Site, was lit up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag!

Kyoto city and Kiev in Ukraine are sister cities, and this is an expression of solidarity with Ukraine and a wish for peace.

The current tragic war situation involving ordinary citizens is heartbreaking.

Furthermore, war attacks on nuclear power plants are criminal acts that endanger the existence of the entire human race, and cannot be tolerated for any reason. Calls for an immediate halt to the war of aggression against Ukraine.
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