New updated - "Vibroscope" ver 5.0 - Vibration Level Measurement and Analysis Tools


"Vibroscope" has been updated to ver 5.0 today!

"Vibroscope" is a powerful vibration measurement tool to analyze various vibrations in real time using iPhone's acceleration sensor.

It allows you to monitor by visualizing the very low-frequency vibration such as inaudible by ear.

This app can detect the amount of acceleration of vibration and display the two-axis coordinates in the horizontal direction and the time-axis waveform in the vertical direction.

It is also equipped with the ability to analyze the frequency components of the very low frequency vibration by FFT analyzer.

In the latest version, the UI design has been renewed and the FFT graph display method has also been changed.

#Main mode : vibration level measurement
vs_main_xz_v500.jpg vs_main_zx_v500.jpg

vs_main_yz_v500.jpg vs_main_log_v500.jpg

#FFT mode : vibration frequency analysis gragh by FFT analyzer
vs_fft_axes_v500.jpg vs_fft_axis1_v500.jpg 


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