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Regarding inquiries received during the holidays, we will respond sequentially after the holidays. Thank you for your understanding.

Have a good new year !

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Pelikan Souverän M400


Pelikan Souverän M400 F Green stripes


An excellent product praised by fountain pen lovers around the world, the best of the best. That is the "Pelikan Souverän M400".


I wanted to keep it for myself, but...

In the end, I gave this fountain pen to my partner as a gift.

After all, I had fallen in love with my current fountain pen, "Sailor Naginata".

The stripe pattern, which is easily recognizable as Pelikan, is so beautiful, and the delicate nib is a sight to behold.

The material used for the barrel (stripe part) of the Souverän series is cellulose acetate, a type of bioplastic made from plant fibers. It is often used for eyeglass frames.

This material is hydrolyzed to a low molecular weight when soaked in water with a pH of 2 to 10, so be careful with water. There have been cases where the material has expanded and cracked after being soaked in water.


After a long time, it came back to me for maintenance. She hadn't used it in a while, and the ink inside had dried up.

All of Pelikan's Souverän series have an integrated ink suction system, so if you handle them roughly, they will break. It is not possible to submerge the entire body of the pen in water, as is the case with cartridge-type fountain pens.


For repair, it is best to immerse only the nib in water and wait for the stuck-on ink to dissolve naturally. Never soak the entire nib in water.


Then, when the water is sucked up by the ink suction mechanism, repeat suction and release with clean water, and if the ink color stops appearing, the repair is complete.

Fortunately, it seems that only genuine ink was used, and the recovery was successful. If I had used pigment-based ink, it would have been difficult for me to repair.

Now, let's try writing with genuine ink!


Since it hadn't been used for a while, the writing was hard and crisp at first, but as I continued to try it out, ... the original Pelikan writing style came back.

The Pelican's original 14K nib feels firm and comfortable, and I can control it freely.


Pelican Royal Blue 4001

A very beautiful and vivid blue. It is a water-based ink, so it writes very smoothly, but it is a bit selective on the paper quality.


Finally, here are two shots of the Sailor Naginata and the Pelikan Suverain M400.

After all, the Pelikan Souverän M400 is smaller and more compact than the Sailor Naginata, so it's easier to hold, regardless of gender, and I really feel that it's a wonderful fountain pen.

The Pelikan's smooth writing is exceptional, and if you are fascinated by it, you may not look at Mont Blanc or Sailor anymore. It is the best fountain pen in terms of total balance, including the wonderful design and texture.

If I were asked to choose just one fountain pen for a beginner, I would recommend the Pelikan Souverän M400.

I measured the size of "Pelikan Souverän M400" and "Sailor Pro Fit 21 Naginata togi". The overall length is with the cap on the back when writing.

Pelikan Souverän M400: Overall length 149mm, Body diameter φ12, Weight 15g (127mm when stored, cap diameter φ13 [excluding clip])

Sailor PROFIT 21 Naginata togi: Overall length 155mm, Body diameter φ13, Weight 22g (142mm when stored, cap diameter φ16 [excluding clip])

The Pelikan Suverain M400 has a slimmer barrel and a slightly shorter overall length, making it considerably lighter. On the other hand, the size of the "Sailor Profit 21 Naginata togi" is the same as that of the other model "Pelikan Souverän M600 or M800".
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”Seiya " - Oimatsu, Kitano Kyoto


”Seiya " - Oimatsu, Kitano Kyoto.

This is a Christmas-only Wagashi (Japanese sweets) that I look forward to every year.

The motif is a Christmas tree.

The "kinton" made of tsukune sweet potatoes is wrapped with koshi-an (sweet bean paste) and has a fluffy texture like light snow. On the other hand, the decorated star is made of "Konashi," which gives it a chunky texture, and the contrast is delightful.

It is like a cream cake with a white chocolate topping.

As is typical of the Oimatsu's confectionery, the sweetness is moderate and the taste is very elegant! It goes well with hojicha tea.
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Tamahimesu - Japanese Rice Vinegar


Tamahimesu - Saito Zousu Store (Kitano, Kyoto)

This vinegar store is located in near Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, next to Daishogun Hachi Shrine on Ichijo Street in Kyoto, and is marked by a sign saying "Su".


There are some major vinegar shops in Kyoto, such as the famous Chidori Vinegar, but this is a very small-scale vinegar shop that sincerely produces vinegar by hand.

It is not sold in department stores or supermarkets. The other day, I had some time to spare during the weekday lunchtime, so I went to buy some directly. The shop is only open on weekdays for a limited time.


Tamahimesu has been introduced in magazines and on the web and has become so famous that it is now considered to be a fantastic vinegar that is hard to find. It is made in a traditional way and production is limited, so each person is limited to buying two bottles.


Tamahimesu is not too acidic and has a very gentle and rich flavor. It can be used not only in Washoku and Kyoto cuisine, but also in many other cuisines. I would like to buy this vinegar again.
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Marché de Noël 2020


Yesterday, I went to the "Marché de Noël".

It's a Christmas market held at the "Institut Francais Kansai Kyoto" nearby Kyoto University.


This year, due to COVID-19, the monthly market was cancelled. I thought it would probably be cancelled because of the dangerous situation with the rapid increase in the number of the corona virus infections recently, but it was held specially because of the month of Christmas.

The event is always held in a small garden space, so only people who know about the monthly market gather here.


It seemed too risky to stay too long, so I just had one glass of Alsatian wine and left immediately. For a very short time, I enjoyed the atmosphere of Christmas in France.
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