"Nagoshi no Harai" at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto


I went to Yasaka Shrine today because I can't go to the "Nagoshi no Harai" ceremony tomorrow.

The number of visitors has increased slightly from last month. Before COVID-19, there were so many tourists that it was hard to walk past them.

Now I feel that Yasaka Shrine has returned to the quiet atmosphere of the past.


A big ring of grass, "Chinowa" has been set up beside the main shrine building at Yasaka Shrine.

It has been set up since March this year for praying for the end of the new coronavirus pandemic. Usually, it is only made and installed for a few days for ceremonial purposes.


I walked through the ring and prayed for good health and protection from the new coronavirus.

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New updated - "Low Frequency Detector" ver 3.0


"Low Frequency Detector" was updated to ver 3.0.

"Low Frequency Detector" is a new acoustic measurement tool for detecting low frequency sound/noise that is hard to hear in the normal situation.

This app can display the frequency component of the low frequency sound by examining by 1/3 octave band analysis and FFT analysis.

In the latest version, it has updated UI design and improved stability.


Low frequency sound is lurking everywhere in everyday life.

Unlike general noise, low frequency sounds are often not noticed easily and there is a property that it is hard to predict the physical influence.

If it is general noise, you may get used to it. However, in many cases the low frequency sound deteriorates physical influences over time.

If there is insomnia or poor physical condition, low frequency sound may be the cause. Please check the presence and source of low frequency sound by using this app to solve your problems.

- 1/3 octave band analysis

- FFT analysis

- Report

In general, there are the following things that can be a source of low frequency sound.

- Sources at home: ventilation fan, refrigerator, air conditioner, blower, household fuel cell, heat pump water heater, dehydration pump, etc.

- Outdoor sources: automobiles, trains, aircraft, outdoor units for building air conditioning, factory noise, long-term vibration of road bridges, wind power generation, etc.

Please to click the following link to show "Low Frequency Detector" from App StoreTM. It will be open our product page on App StoreTM.

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Hydrangea blooming


It became the rainy season on Tuesday.
The hydrangea, the season's representative flower, has begun to bloom beautifully!
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Sansho in the best season

Every year I look forward to the late spring season when the Japanese pepper, "Sansho" comes out.


I got some "Sansho" fruits from famous Wakayama Prefecture.


I used the fruits to make flavored oil, liqueur and pickling in salt.


Flavored oil is made by marinating them in extra virgin olive oil at a ratio of 1:3 to 1:4 by weight, and it takes about 5 days to finish.

It is best to finish marinating when it has a very refreshing citrus aroma. If the period of time is even a little longer, the pungency will become very strong.
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New updated - "Magnetscape / Lite" ver 3.0

icon-magnetscape_v100.png icon-magnetscape_lite_v200.png

"Magnetscape" is a new measurement app that observe invisible magnetic fields by using a built-in iPhone magnetic sensor.

"Magnetscape Lite" is a free edition that is simplified "Magnetscape" app.

This app can monitor the surrounding magnetic field in real time, it can be used for various purposes in real life.

For example, it can be used for investigation of static magnetic field, search for low electromagnetic field at alternating magnetic field (electromagnetic field), metal detection and more.

In the latest version, the alert sound function has been added.

mag_scope_1_v300.jpg mag_scope_alert_v300.jpg

mag_time_1_v300.jpg mag_fft_hold_v300.jpg

Please to click the following link to see these app information on AppStoreTM.

# Magnetscape

# Magnetscape Lite

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