COVID-19 vs. Noises in living environment

The declaration of emergency due to COVID-19 has been extended until the end of May.

Feel like the tunnel with no visible exit, or rather, it may be lost the way myself in a deep forest with no map and no compass.

Currently, our fight against the new coronavirus is left to the actions of the individual.

However, due to self-restraint in social activities, the time spent at home is greatly increased, and our various stresses tend to accumulate.

Now the problem of noises in the living environment may become apparent.

The sensitivity of noise varies greatly from person to person, so we have no choice but to find the source of the noise and find a solution.

Knowing the noise situation in yourself and at home will help you to deal with outside noises as well.

So introduce our app that supports such living environment sound problems. There are also free editions, so please feel free to try them.

icon-sla_v300.png "Sound Level Analyzer"

"Sound Level Analyzer" is a standard sound level measurement app with sound frequency analysis tools.
It can display automatically the instantaneous sound level such as environmental noise, specific sound sources, live sounds in real-time.
In addition, the high-end app "Sound Level Analyzer PRO" has more powerful noise analysis function. " Sound Level Analyzer Lite " is also provided free of charge !

sla_top_v310.jpg sla_fft_v310.jpg

icon-lfd_v100.png Low Frequency Detector

"Low Frequency Detector" is a new acoustic measurement tool for detecting low frequency noises that is hard to hear in the normal situation. It supports very lower frequency range less than 100Hz.

lfd_time_v200.png lfd_fft_v200.png

icon-mtd_v100.png Mosquitone Detector

Mosquitone Detector" is a sound measurement app that detects high-frequency noises and ultrasonic sounds hard to hear for human ears. It may have been exposed to artificial high-frequency noise while you do not notice. It can detect and visualize such high-frequency noises.

mtd-detect_v200.jpg mtd-search_v200.jpg

icon-vs_v300.png Vibroscope

"Vibroscope" is a new analysis tool for analyzing vibration by using the iPhone's acceleration sensor in real-time. It allows you to monitor by visualizing the low-frequency vibration, such as inaudible by ear. "Vibroscope Lite" is also provided free of charge !

vs_main_1_v400.png vs_fft_1_v400.jpg
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