New updated - "Hearing Analyzer Portrait" ver 3.0


"Hearing Analyzer Portrait" has been updated to ver 3.0 now.

"Hearing Analyzer Portrait" is an ear health check tool that allows you easily to measure the frequency characteristics of your hearing.

The human ear possesses an auditory range that up to 20000Hz. In addition to conventional audiometry (125 - 8000Hz), the extended low-frequency audiometry and high-frequency audiometry including Mosquito sounds are available. You can self-diagnose the sound listening ability.

Recommended to check your own hearing ability on a daily basis for the audiophile, music players, sound professionals and all music lovers. Try to check if you have the golden ears!

In the latest version, the extended low and high frequency hearing tests are available.


It measures the minimum sound for each frequency that you can hear, and displays the measurement results as a graph.

This measurement result can be displayed in two types of graphs: wideband frequency characteristics (LVL) and frequency characteristics with Absolute Threshold of Hearing (ATH). This measurement result can be saved as an image file.

# ATH frequency response of hearing (like Audiogram chart) .


HA_v300_ATH_LF.jpg HA_v300_ATH_MOS.jpg

# LVL frequency response of hearing - Linear level without ATH compensation.

HA_v300_LVL.jpg HA_v300_LVL_MOS.jpg

Please to click the following link to show "Hearing Analyzer Portrait" from App StoreTM. It will be open our product page on App StoreTM.

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Cherry blossoms blooming in Kyoto 2020 vol.2

I went to check the flowering status of cherry blossoms in Kyoto Gyoen park.


In Kyoto Gyoen park, Weeping cherry and Village cherry trees are mainly planted, so the timing of blooming slightly differs from Somei Yoshino cherry trees around Kamogawa river.

The famous big weeping cherry, "Demizu no Shidare Zakura" seems to be in full bloom earlier this week, and the flowers have already begun to scatter.


On the other hand, Mountain cherry and Village cherry trees are blooming considerably. Although it varies considerably depending on the park location, it is almost half blooming.


"Konoetei no Itozakura" is just before full bloom. Maybe this weekend is the peak of flower beauty.




Regardless of the pessimistic situation caused by COVID-19, the cherry blossoms are blooming beautifully again this year. At the very least, I will love the cherry blossoms and seek a moment of peace. With the arrival of spring, I wish for world peace to come.
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Cherry blossoms blooming in Kyoto 2020


Last weekend, I walked around Kyoto Gyoen park. Weeping cherry and village cherry trees are blooming smoothly. "Demizu no Shidarezakura" is full bloom now.


Purple magnolia was just blooming. It seems to bloom a little later than White magnolia.


On the way back, I walked along Kamogawa river from Imadegawa to Nijo. The popular cherry blossoms, "Somei Yoshino" are still buds, but it will bloom in a few days.
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Spring flowers blooming in Kyoto Gyoen National Park

Last weekend, I went to Kyoto Gyoen National Park.

Thunberg's meadowsweet on the west side of Munakata Shrine. A pretty white flower was just beginning to bloom.


Big drooping cherry tree, "Demizu no Shidarezakura" has chenged pink color in bloom. It may be one week earlier than last year.



Plum blossoms were almost scattered, but Peach blossoms were just in full bloom.


Mulan white magnolia is one big tree, but it has many flowers. It is a big flower like an orchid, and it looks elegant and beautiful at the beginning of blooming.



Drooping cherry tree at "Konoeteiato" on the north side of the Imperial Palace. It has already begun to bloom! But it was a bit disappointing that the water in the pond nearby was drained.




On the way home, when passing by "Demizu no Shidarezakura", the sun shines for a moment between the clouds and the cherry blossoms were turned bright pink!

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New updated - "Audio Tone Generator Lite" ver 4.2 - Free of charge!


"Audio Tone Generator Lite" has been updated to ver 4.2 today.

"Audio Tone Generator Lite" is a free app that has simplified the sound generator function of "ATG - Audio Tone Generator".

It creates the Audio Reference signals as Sinewave, Sinewave Sweep, White Noise and Pink Noise.

It will help you to make the sound benchmark for audio equipment, loudspeakers, your listening environment, room acoustics and hearing check.

atglite_sine_v420.png atglite_sweep_v420.png

atglite_pink_v420.png atglite_white_v420.png

If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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