New updated - "Mosquitone Detector" ver 2.0


"Mosquitone Detector" has been updated to ver 2.0.

"Mosquitone Detector" is a sound measurement app that detects high frequency noises and ultrasonic sounds hard to hear for human ears.

It may have been exposed to artificial high frequency noise while you do not notice. This app can detect and visualize such high frequency noises.

For example, there are increasing cases where high-frequency noise generators are installed in various places as a purpose of repelling young people and beast pests using very high frequency mosquito noises that can not be heard by general adults.

Especially for young children, there are cases that they stay in the bad place even though on a very uncomfortable noise environment because adults can not recognize at all.

Please use this app to find the high frequency noise, so it will help you to quickly get away from the bad spot or remove the noise source.

- Detection of high frequency sound and ultrasonic wave, and display the peak frequency of the highest level. (Detection mode: DETECT)
- Search for sound source direction (Search mode: SEARCH): 360 degrees horizontally
- Detectable frequency range: 8kHz - 23kHz (2 band division)

In the latest version, the detectable frequency band has been extended. You can select the frequency band you want to detect from 16kHz or more or less than 16kHz.

Detection mode finds an inaudible high frequency and ultrasonic sound in the frequency band more than 16 kHz (or less than 16 kHz).

[Detection mode]
mtd-detect_v200.jpg mtd-detect-L_v200.jpg

"Search mode" finds the direction of occurrence of the high-frequency sound source that detected the peak frequency. It can be used only when high frequency or ultrasonic sound is founded in “Detection mode".

[Search mode]
mtd-search_v200.jpg mtd-search-L_v200.jpg

If you are interested in "Mosquitone Detector" app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.

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