FAQ-E014: What is the background noise? Its influence?

FAQ-E014: What is the background noise? Its influence?

The background noise is a sound that exists in a certain place other than the target sound when considering a specific sound.

In the case of measuring the noise level of a specific steady noise, it may be affected by the background noise.

When measuring the noise level, if the difference between the indicated value of the sound level meter with and without the noise is 10 dB or more, the influence of the background noise can be almost ignored.

However, when it is less than 10 dB, it cannot be ignored, and the noise level of only steady noise can be estimated by correcting the following table.
Note that this correction is for stationary noise and cannot be applied when the background noise level fluctuates. The difference from the background noise level must be at least 3 dB.
# Measurement value difference : Correction value (unit: dB)
     3         : -3.0
     4         : -2.3
     5         : -1.7
     6         : -1.25
     7         : -0.95
     8         : -0.75
     9         : -0.60
    10          : -0.45

* Note: ISO 1996-1 (JIS Z 8731: 1999 “Description and measurement of environmental noise”)

For example, if a certain machine is measured to be 55 dBA and the background noise when it is stopped is measured to be 50 dBA. Since the level difference is 5 dB, the level is estimated to be 53.3 dBA.

* Applicable apps :
- Sound Level Analyzer PRO
- Sound Level Analyzer
- Sound Level Analyzer Lite - Free of charge!
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1.17 - Sincerest condolences


25 years since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

On that day on 1995, I lived in Kobe city.

I close my address by offering my sincerest condolences to the over six thousand people who lost their lived in the earthquake.

It was a violent shaking that I had never experienced, and I didn't know what had happened until it was bright.

At dawn, I realized that the city and people's lives were destroyed in an instant.

I was not injured miraculously, but the reinforced concrete apartment where I lived was in a dangerous situation where the ground floor was compressed and crushed, leaking water here and there.

I remember being afraid and desperate again.


Where is the epicenter? Where is the safe place to escape? What should I do?

Both the electric power and rhe communication were lost, and Kobe had no information at all at that time.

And I remember going to the nearest elementary school and taking care of the victims who lost their homes.

Since that day, my life and my outlook on life have changed dramatically.

Twenty-five years have passed and the beautiful cityscape has returned to Kobe, but those who have experienced that day will only have the sad memories of the day.

Today, I am renewed my own oath.
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"Nokori Fuku" of Kyoto Ebisu Shrine


I visited the Kyoto Ebisu Shrine yesterday. The New Year's "Toka Ebisu" festival is being held.


On the last day, "Nokori Fuku" of this festival, there were quite few people and I felt very relaxed.


It seems that the timing was missed, and Maiko from Gion-machi and Miyagawa-chou was awarded rice cake the day before.


I knocked on the side wall of the main hall and went home.

Since Ebisu is an elderly god, it seems to inform that "I came to visit" so that knocks the side wall next to his living room.
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Imamiya Ebisu in Osaka


I visited the Imamiya Ebisu Shrine dedicated to a god of good commerce and bountiful fishing, praying for the success of the year’s business.


Due to the good weather, it was warmer than usual winter and I felt little hot in the crowd.


Today was not as crowded as I thought. Probably It had been very crowded for the main festival, "Hon Ebisu" yesterday.


Many people were gathering to get the lucky bamboo grass, ”Fukuzasa”.


There were long waiting queues in the gong behind the main shrine.


On my way home, a contrail was just forming in the blue sky. A sign of good things!

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Lighting collaboration in Kyoto


Lighting collaboration of Higashi Honganji Temple and Kyoto Tower.

During New Year holiday, many tourists from all over the world came to Kyoto and were very crowded, but the streets in front of Higashi Honganji temple were sparse at night.

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