Big ginkgo of “Bukoji” temple in Kyoto


Due to the coldness recently, the big ginkgo of “Bukoji” temple had fallen considerably.

The kids playing with fallen leaves looked very happy.

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"Oike-zakura" blooms!


"Oike-zakura" has bloomed again this year!

It is a single cherry tree in the corner of the Kyoto Oike Soseikan, called "Oike-zakura".

It is a cherry variety that blooms when it gets cold. It begins to bloom from now and continues until early spring. It will delight us with this lovely pink flower this winter.
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Autumn leaves at "Kinkai Komyo-ji" and "Shinyodo" temple in Kyoto


Yesterday, the weather forecast was rainy, but fortunately it was cloudy. So, I went out to a nearby autumnal spot in Kyoto.

Along the northwest of Marutamachi Higashioji, I went to "Kinkai Komyo-ji" temple.


This gate can be climbed for viewing and overlooks Kyoto city.


I walked to the northwest and went to "Eisei-in" temple. There was a nice garden.



Furthermore, I walked a little to the north and went to the famous spot of autumn leaves, “Shinyodo” temple.
It was close to sunset, so there were few tourists.





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Autumn leaves at Bishamondo temple in Kyoto


I went to see the autumn leaves at Bishamondo temple in Yamashina, Kyoto.

Due to the cold weather until yesterday, the mountains around Bishamondo temple were also changing to colored leaves.


Once a small temple that only local people know, but since it was introduced on CM video, a lot of tourists came.



Just at the autumn leaves festival, music dedication was taking place.



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PEUGEOT Pepper Mill disassembly and cleaning!


My PEUGEOT Pepper Mill.

It is a pepper mill that has been used for more than 20 years. A French automobile manufacturer, Peugeot, has been spun off and manufactured as a family business.


Peugeot's pepper mill is a staple in restaurants around the world. The model on the right side seems to be discontinued.

Recently, the pepper grind is not stable and the adjustment screw tends to be loose.


Short type 12cm pepper mill.
I used it for white pepper before, but now I use it with coriander. The usage frequency is relatively low.

It can be disassembled simply by loosening the two screws.
A very simple structure when you remove it! The shaft is a bit rusted, but the grinder's mill teeth are still alive.

The Peugeot grinder mechanism consists of double-toothed helical teeth. Pepper grains are cut into the outer teeth, guided to the bottom and fixed, and then finely crushed by the inner teeth.


Cleaned with absolute ethanol, it is completely clean.

Next, a 16cm pepper mill.
Since it was mainly crushed black pepper, the usage frequency is quite high.


The shaft is also rusted and the mill teeth are worn away considerably.

This may be the reason why the adjustment screw is loosened quickly while crushing pepper.


For the time being, it was cleaned with absolute ethanol and assembled.

Peugeot's pepper mill is made of wood, and the grinder mechanism is fixed with wood screws, so if it is frequently disassembled, the screw holes on the main body side will soon hurt. There is a limit to the number of disassembly and cleaning.

The 16cm pepper mill seems to be at the limit of use, so I need to procure a new one.

I will investigate how far the current Pepper Mill has evolved and choose a high quality one.

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