MarkAudio "OM-MF519" Speaker frequency characteristics, part 1

Attached the MarkAudio "OM-MF519" unit to the double bass reflex speaker box, so I made sound test.

I measured the frequency characteristics at the begining of playback and after aging for 1 hour. It was tested by the RTA app "Audio Frequency Analyzer" with pink noise.

# Begining of playback

At the start of playback, there was a dip at 125Hz, but the level increased a little in about an hour.

# After aging for 1 hour

The original high frequency peak of 12-16kHz has disappeared. This is probably because the baffle is slanted and the measurement point is about 15 degrees off the unit front axis.

In addition, when blocking to tape one duct as a test, the 63/80Hz sound level was dropped. The second cabinet duct was seemed to have worked well.

# Blocking one duct

It wasn't the final sound because there was no sound absorbing material yet in the box, but the sound resolution was very good. The bass range did not drop to the lowest sound, but it had enough low-pitched feeling unlike a simple bass reflex.
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