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# Environmental measurement support Apps

Sound Level Analyzer Lite

"Sound Level Analyzer Lite" is a free sound level meter app that has simplified the sound measurement analysis function of the "Sound Level Analyzer"

Vibroscope Lite

"Vibroscope Lite" is a vibration measurement app by using the iPhone's acceleration sensor in real-time. It is a free app that has simplified the measurement analysis function of "Vibroscope".

Magnetscape Lite

"Magnetscape Lite" is a new measurement app that observe invisible magnetic fields by using a built-in iPhone magnetic sensor. It is a free app that is simplified the magnetic analyzing tool, "Magnetscape"

Tilt Scope

"Tilt Scope" is a new inclinometer app by using iPhone's acceleration sensor.
You can easily measure the slope of a variety of locations, such as the distortion of the floor, the inclination of buildings.

# Life & Health support Apps

Hearing Analyzer Lite

"Hearing Analyzer Lite" is a hearing check app that can be easily measured the frequency characteristics of your hearing. It is a free app that has simplified the hearing analysis function of "Hearing Analyzer"

# Audio & Sound support Apps

Audio Tone Generator Lite

"Audio Tone Generator Lite" is a reference Audio test signal generator app for iPhone. It is a free app that has simplified the sound generator function of "ATG - Audio Tone Generator" app, which creates Sinewave, Sinewave Sweep, White Noise and Pink Noise.

Colored Noise Generator

”Colored Noise Generator" is a new noise generator that can be used to as the sound source for a variety of acoustic measurement.

# Music Apps

Timbre16 Player

"Timbre16 Player" reproduces the favorite music with your sound image.
It is equipped with the high quality audio enhancer that allows the adjustment of various sounds.

# Healing Apps

Synthetic Healing Sounds

"Synthetic Healing Sounds" is a new healing app that has the right relaxing sound on your living, bedroom and working space. It can be produced "Binaural Beat" sound with base relaxing sound at the same time.
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MarkAudio "OM-MF519" Speaker assembly Part 2

First of all, I filled up the shortage of the duct back plate with a 23mm plate from the bottom plate.


And the duct back plate was assembled. The duct is a 150 mm long paper pipe.


The top plate and upper back plate were bonded.


I assembled the part that would become the first cabinet, but there was a slight gap.


The first cabinet was glued to the baffle plate and fixed with a surplus plate sandwiched so that the duct width was 12mm.


This completes the assembly of the main components. And the parts were fixed to the side plate.


It seemed that the reinforcing material of each corner and the bond were attached too much.
Before attaching the side plate on one side, it is necessary to route the terminal plate and wiring cord.
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