MarkAudio "OM-MF519" Speaker assembly Part 1

MarkAudio OM-MF519 Double bass reflex speaker is under assembly.

At 9am, the temperature was already over 30°C and I have to work it while taking a break.
I carefully cut it with a circular saw, but after 15 minutes, I couldn't stand it and interrupted.


The cutting error is 1-2mm, but the inner cabinet is not visible, so even if it was allowed to some extent.

My troublesome work is increased, so the outer box has to make sanding after assembly,


After opening the unit hole and duct hole, i found that the size of the back plate duct was small.

It was too stupid to notice after opening the duct hole. I regretted that I should not divided the backboard.

It may be cut off the excess board and re-drilled, or it may be stepped with a larger reinforcement.
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