MarkAudio "OM-MF519" Speaker Design Study Part 2

I studied the approximate box size as MarkAudio OM-MF519 double bass reflex speaker.

Assuming that it can be used on the floor, it is assumed that the tall size is approximately 60cm, the baffle surface is about 13cm wide and the depth is about 30cm.

Since the design is not interesting, the baffle surface was slanted so that it would be on the axis of the speaker while sitting in a chair.

The target volume is about 12-15L, the first capacity is 3-4L, and the second capacity is 8-10L.

The box shape looks like the figure below. I think that it will be fine-tuned due to the boarding, but now the first cabinet is 3L, the second cabinet is 8.5L.


It was calculated each duct size from now on.
fc1: 122Hz / fd1: 115Hz / fc2: 102Hz / fd2: 54Hz

I will aim at this performance of the low-frequency reproduction.

# OM-MF519 TS Parameter
- Revc. : 4Ω
- Fs : 106.25Hz
- Sd : 0.0028m2
- Vas : 1.30L
- Cms : 1.16 mm/N
- Mmd : 1.85g
- Mms : 1.93g
- BL : 2.55 Txm
- Qms : 2.53
- Qes : 0.68
- Qts : 0.53
- SPL : 85.6 dB
- Power : 7 W
- Xmax : 3.5 mm (1 way)
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