MarkAudio OM-MF519 - frequency response


I tried installing MarkAudio "OM-MF519" full range unit in the general purpose SP box (FOSTEX E82).

The difference in appearance between "OM-MF519" (left) and "OM-MF5" (right) is as follows. The magnesium aluminum diaphragm became a gun metallic color, and I felt a little luxurious.



"FOSTEX E82" is a small general-purpose enclosure designed for the 8 cm full range, 4 L bass reflex, 85 Hz Fb, and weighs 2.1 kg.

When I get a new SP unit, I try tp attach it to this box for the time being and use it to check what it sounds like.

When I connected "OM-MF519" to my stereo system and played music, I heard a very fresh and smooth sound. Last year's "OM-MF5" sounded quite uncomfortable at first and needed to sound for several hours.

First of all, the sound is very close to the "OM-MF5", but the mid-low range is enough and the sound is very well balanced. The sound image is pinpoint and is a three-dimensional sound in the depth direction.

I measured the frequency characteristic of "OM-MF519" by RTA app "Audio Frequency Analyzer" . In the measurement condition, Pink noise, 1/3 octave band analysis and 1m above speaker axis.

#OM-MF519 (Fostex E82, Pink noise, 1/3oct-band, Lch, 1m)

#OM-MF519 (Fostex E82, Pink noise, 1/3oct-band, Rch, 1m)

The frequency characteristics of "OM-MF519" unit announced by MarkAudio are as follows. The level rise around 12-20kHz seems to have taken into account listening at a point off the speaker axis.


I also mounted the "OM-MF5" on "Fostex E82" and measured the frequency response. It becomes the frequency characteristic used for about one year. The characteristics were quite similar to "OM-MF519".

#OM-MF5 (Fostex E82、Pink moise, 1/3oct-band, Lch, 1m)

#OM-MF5 (Fostex E82, Pink noise, 1/3oct-band, Rch, 1m)

I would like to continue aging "OM-MF519" unit in this box for a while.
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MarkAudio ”OM-MF519" full range unit obtained!


I obtained the recently released "ONTOMO MOOK, Special Speaker Unit MarkAudio 2019 Edition".


The appendix of this book was the MarkAudio full-range unit "OM-MF519". It has been improved performance based on "OM-MF5" unit in 2018.



The drive performance has been improved by adding one magnet and stacking two sheets, and high compliance has been achieved by improving the center cap and reducing the weight of the damper.
The moving mass (Mms) is only 1.93g, which is much lighter than the conventional 2.05g.



"OM-MF5" unit had a very good sound, so this "OM-MF519" could be expected further.
By the way, the total weight of "OM-MF519" was measured 407g. As "OM-MF5" was 337g, it increased 21% weight.

TS parameters of ”OM-MF519" are as follows:

<TS Parameter>
- Revc. : 4Ω
- Fs : 106.25Hz
- Sd : 0.0028m2
- Vas : 1.30L
- Cms : 1.16 mm/N
- Mmd : 1.85g
- Mms : 1.93g
- BL : 2.55 Txm
- Qms : 2.53
- Qes : 0.68
- Qts : 0.53
- SPL : 85.6 dB
- Power : 7 W
- Xmax : 3.5 mm (1way)
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