Kyoto Gion Festival - 5


I came to the "Yoi-yama" eve festival on Kyoto Gion Festival.

The maximum temperature in Kyoto City was 32 ° C, but it became somewhat cooler in the evening rain.

There seemed to be a little less people than yesterday, and it was a bit easier to walk.




The climax parade of the Gion Festival will be held tomorrow.
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Kyoto Gion Festival 2019 - 4


Yesterday was the "Yoiyoi-Yama" pre eve festival on the Gion Festival.

It was a huge crowed for a holiday of Sea day.

Today is the "Yoi-yama" eve festival , so it will be quite crowded.
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Kyoto Gion Festival 2019 - 3


I went to the trial driving of the Houka-Hoko float in Kyoto Gion Festival today.

The Houka-Hoko float is located at Shimachi Shinjo. The float weighs about 10 tons and requires a lot of pullers.


There were fewer people than usual because of the rain, so I could grab the rope well.


It went north to Sinmachi-Rokkaku, changed the direction of the rope, south to Shinmachi-Sijo, and changed direction again and returned to home.


When it was over safely, participants was applauded naturally!

On the way, it was raining heavily, but I had a very enjoyable time.
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Kyoto Gion Festival 2019 - 2

The production of the large "Hoko" float of the ”Sakimatsuri" of Gion Festival was completed, and there was the first driving of the "Hoko" float facing Shijo-dori in the afternoon.


In the evening, we went to see the "Yamahoko" float. There are still few visitors and I could tour leisurely.

In "Kukisui Hoko", it was playing the Gion music. It exudes an atmosphere of the Gion Festival.


In "Tuki Hoko", the staff broke up and was quiet.



In “Niwatori Hoko”, the lanterns are bright but there are no people at all.


"Iwatoyama" seems to be still in production. Tomorrow, it will mount the wheels and decorate the whole.


Other small "Yama" floats are still in production and will be completed by the day after tomorrow.
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Kyoto Gion Festival 2019 - 1


From yesterday, Hoko float of Kyoto Gion festival started to be built.


There were three Hoko floats on Shijo Dori street, and the base part of Naginata Hoko float had been made.


There was also Mikoshi-arai ceremony of Gion Festival yesterday.
It was carried Mikoshi from Yasaka shrine to Shijo Ohashi bridge, and performed the purification ceremony by the water of Kamogawa river.

Nakagoza Mikoshi was waiting at Yasaka shrine before the ceremony.


Prior to Mikoshi procession, I could see carrying the big torch. There were too many tourists, so I could not take a picture of the purification ceremony at Shijo Ohashi bridge.

# Kyoto Gion Festival reference Information
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