Sansho - Japanese pepper


The season for "Sansho" has arrived!

"Sansho" is a deciduous shrub from the genus Citrusaceae, which is native to Japan. Recently it has attracted attention around the world as a traditional Japanese spice. For example, it is used in Nouvel cuisine and sweets in France.

I purchased "Sansho" in Wakayama prefecture. It seems that the harvest period of the fruits of "Sansho" is about 10 days, and if it can not be obtained at this timing, it will become another production area.

I removed very small green fruits from the tufts and cleans them. It takes a lot of time for detailed work. It took about 3 hours and I got about 250g seeds.


I made "Sansho" flavored oil. It had just bottled green fruits with extra virgin olive oil. After washing in water, I think that it is safe to dry in hot water for about 30 seconds and then dry.

It was "1: 3" and "1: 4" weight ratio of "Sansho" and olive oil.

Usually, it is dipped in olive oil and it takes about a week to make a refreshing citrus flavored oil. Depending on the type of yam and olive oil, the extraction of aroma and pungent tastes is quite different.

In addition, I also made the salted ”Sansho" and the flavored vodka.


The ingredient "sanshool" contained in "Sansho" has been shown to activate the receptor (TRPV1) of capsaicin, a hot ingredient of chili pepper.

“Sansho” oil has a wonderful citrus flavor and spicy taste. Just sprinkle on the dish, it will provide a splendid fresh taste like you never experienced.
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Nakamichi CA-5 control amplifier designed by Nelson Pass - “less is more” approach


I just got the Nakamichi CA-5 control amplifier !

The Nakamichi CA-5 was a legendary product when Nakamichi entered the high-end amplifier markets in 1985.


This pre amp was released under the product names CA-5 for North America, CA-5E for Europe, and CA-50 for Japan. In addition, there were the top model CA-7 and the power amplifier PA-7/PA-5 products.

These amplifiers were commercialized in a technical partnership with Threshold Electronics. The PA-7/PA-5 power amp was developed with STASIS technology. And the CA-5 pre amp was also designed by Nelson Pass at Threshold.


This amp seems to have been treated very carefully and the front panel is almost flawless.

Well the problem is inside the amp, so I tried to open it before turning on the power.


There is no dust inside because of the sealed structure. There seems to be no swelling of electrolytic capacitors. This condition is unbelievable as it was over 30 years ago.

I looked closely at the circuit and found that in fully discrete components configuration no OP amps or ICs were used. It is a very simple circuit configuration of the MC phono preamplifier, the MM phono preamplifier, the RIAA phono equalizer and the line-level amplifier. Left and right channel circuits have been completely isolated in pure copper bus bar, so it was “dual mono” circuit board design. The phono stage seems to be a very sophisticated circuit. In addition, six giant film capacitors has mounted as coupling capacitors.


I turned on the power in this state and looked at the state of the internal parts for a while, but there are no parts that generate heat. I tried measuring the voltage of the line output with a tester, but there seems to be no DC leakage.

Then I connected the CD player and the power amplifier and tried to play music.

The playback sound was output with noise mixed in the left channel. I think that it is a high possibility of poor signal contact, so I will try to repair it carefully.
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New release - "Timbre16 Player" - Free download reservation has been started!


New release on May 24. Free download reservation has been started!

"Timbre16 Player" is new music enhancer app that reproduces the favorite music with your sound image.

Enjoy more good sounds by tuning Tone palette with Sound equalizer, like as choosing your favorite one from the color palette. Tone palette has 16 types of sound enhancement settings, and Sound equalizer has 4 frequency settings.

t16p_play_3_v100.png t16p_songs_v100.png

t16p_top_1_v100.png t16p_artists_v100.png

If you are interested in this app, please click the following link to display on the product information of App StoreTM.


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Kamo Kurabeuma - traditional horse racing


On May 5 during a long holiday, I went to see the traditional horse racing event, "Kamo Kurabeuma" at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto.



This event has been held every year since 1093 and is said to be the birthplace of horse racing in Japan.

A straight course is set up in the shrine grounds, and two horses compete for speed on the 150 meter section.


It was a bit far away and there were so many people that it was difficult for me to shoot horse racing scenery.


The reason that the priest is climbing high is to judge the race match.

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